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Floodplain meadow flowers. Credit Vicky Bowskill

Make meadow hay while the sun shines, but when?

As the haymaking season begins, an OU PhD student is researching the importance of getting the timing of hay cutting right.

2nd July 2020
Colour Peak Springs

Discovery of sulfide as an energy source for microbes that has potential for Mars

Researchers have discovered that sulfide is an energy source that works in the bitter cold of Canada and could help microorganisms to grow on Mars.

2nd July 2020
Person wearing facemask behind bars

Effect of COVID-19 lockdown experience on refugees and asylum seekers

An OU research project into the experiences of asylum seekers and refugees during COVID-19 lockdown, finds that many have endured similar situations before.

16th June 2020
The nightside green airglow layer surrounding the Earth near 90 km observed from the International Space Station

Researchers discover green glow around Mars

Researchers have discovered a green glow around Mars, reported in Nature Astronomy this week (15 June 2020).

16th June 2020
Posters montage

OU Postgraduate Research Poster Competition 2020

The OU Postgraduate Research Poster Competition 2020 (10 June 2020) showcased a wide range of OU research and reinforced the contribution these PhD and Professional Doctorate students make to the OU research community.

10th June 2020
Person having physio on leg

New free-to-use software to improve lower limb physiotherapy

Researchers at The Open University (OU) and Cardiff University have proved that freely available software works to help monitor physiotherapy for people recovering from lower limb surgery and conditions.

9th June 2020
Man with smart device and phone

OU researchers involved in COVID-19 early warning system

OU researchers have received funding to research the role of wearable device technology and scientific and clinical expertise to create early biomarkers of coronavirus infection.

1st June 2020
Man with chest pain

Only three facts needed to prioritise chest pain patients, researchers claim

Researchers have come up with the three facts needed to speed up diagnosis and treatment of people with chest pain due to coronary artery disease.

1st June 2020
Mud crater

Mud volcanoes on Mars may flow like lava

OU researchers are part of a European team that found that mud volcanoes on Mars may look like lava flows found on Earth.

19th May 2020
Lady suffering from stomach pain

Appeal for volunteers for research into endometriosis

An OU PhD student is calling for volunteers to take part in research into endometriosis, a chronic condition affecting over one million women in the UK.

13th May 2020

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