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Doctor holding patient's hand

OU researcher calls for universal access to healthcare

A report calling for universal access to healthcare and raising the needs of migrants denied healthcare has been co-authored by an OU academic.

2nd November 2020
Coronavirus researchers in PPE in a lab

OU research supports society across multiple sectors in pandemic response

The coronavirus pandemic presented the world with challenges which The Open University has sought to address right from the outset.

23rd October 2020
Autonomous robot. Image credit: Miguel Valdez

Researching the best use of autonomous robots during an emergency

OU researchers are exploring how autonomous robots were used to support people during COVID-19 to propose how they can be best used in other emergencies.

23rd October 2020
Little girl and doll wearing face masks sitting in window

OU funds research to hear children’s experiences of COVID-19

An Open University (OU) COVID-19 Rapid Response funding scheme is supporting the data analysis of survey to find out what has been of importance to children during COVID-19.

22nd October 2020
Beyond the Now logo

Launch of Beyond the Now platform to consider the arts post pandemic

A new platform launched today (15 October 2020) will foster debate about the role of the arts in social justice in a post pandemic world.

15th October 2020
Ship rescuing migrants from dinghy

Helping humanitarian workers with their legal rights and obligations

An OU academic has received a British Academy/Leverhulme Grant to help humanitarian workers to understand complicated legal environments.

15th October 2020
Self-employed person wrapping parcels

First findings on impact of COVID-19 on the UK self-employed

Findings from the first study of the impact of COVID-19 on the UK self-employed highlights the need for support for this sector in the wider recovery.

14th October 2020
Artist depiction of the OSIRIS REx space probe on it's mission to retrieve a sample from the asteroid Bennu.

Space rocks expected in 2023 from NASA mission to Bennu

An OU researcher is collaborating on a mission which will bring back new space rocks to Earth.

12th October 2020
Policeman wearing face masks

OU COVID-19 fund finances policing project

An OU COVID-19 grant has been given to a project to research senior policing decision-making in the context of the radical uncertainties of the pandemic.

8th October 2020
Couple sitting holding hands

OU research informs new relationship app

An OU academic has fed her research into relationships into a new app which aims to deepen intimacy through 10 minutes of focus a day and has been selected by Google Play as one of the Best Apps of 2020. 

6th October 2020

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