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Apollo 17 sample leads to new discovery of the Moon’s evolution. NASA

Apollo 17 sample leads to new discovery of the Moon’s evolution

An international team of scientists, including Mahesh Anand, Professor of Planetary Science and Exploration at The Open University, have discovered new evidence that massive impact events formed large portions of the Moon’s crust.

12th May 2020
Hand holding a mobile phone

OU platform hosts investigation into fake facts about COVID-19

An investigation which tests how likely people are to believe COVID-19 related news stories, has been launched on the OU’s nQuire platform.

12th May 2020
Team in a group video call

First study to assess technology use during COVID-19

An OU academic is conducting an international study into the use of technology during the COVID-19 pandemic so that it can inform future research projects.

11th May 2020
Judith Taylor working in a lab

OU academic joins Mologic team to develop rapid diagnostic test for COVID-19

An OU academic is working with a team to develop a rapid diagnostic test for COVID-19.

5th May 2020
Mother and baby

New tools to identify issues in maternal mental health

A new website which gives access to tools to help health workers identify difficulties in mothers’ relationships with their infants is being launched on World Maternal Mental Health Day (6 May 2020).

5th May 2020
An exoplanet and its atmosphere pass in front of its star (artist’s impression, from an imaginary point near to the planet). NASA Goddard Space Flight Center

Hydrogen-breathing aliens? Study suggests new approach to finding extraterrestrial life

The first time we find evidence of life on a planet orbiting another star (an exoplanet), it is probably going to be by analysing the gases in its atmosphere.

5th May 2020
Couple getting married

Call for new regulations around civil weddings to avoid backlogs

An OU researcher calls for a change to regulations around civil wedding ceremonies so that more people can get married simply and inexpensively, and to avoid COVID-19 backlogs.

5th May 2020
Hubble telescope and Earth

€1 million grant to design sensors for X-ray telescopes

OU researchers have been awarded €1 million by the European Space Agency (ESA) to develop a prototype sensor needed for the next generation of X-ray telescopes.

1st May 2020
The sun emitting a sudden flash of light—a solar flare. NASA

The Sun: study shows it’s less active than sibling stars – here’s what that could mean

All stars emit varying amounts of light over time – and the Sun is no exception. Such changes in starlight can help us understand how habitable any planets around other stars are.

1st May 2020
Woman with a counsellor

Surge in visitors to OU’s online counselling advice course

Academics at the OU have received overwhelming support for their expertise in providing assistance to counsellors needing to move their services online in the current lockdown.

29th April 2020

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