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Planets in Space

Six new planets discovered

The discovery of six new planets could hold the key to unlocking the geology of the rocky planets outside the Earth’s Solar System.

2nd January 2020
Group of students stacking hands

New grant to make research more open to doctoral researchers

A project which will expand the current global network of doctoral researchers worldwide has received £446,000 from The William and Flora Hewlett Foundation.

20th December 2019
Man installing fibre optic cable

Research to develop Milton Keynes further as a smart city

OU academics have been awarded £202,000 from Milton Keynes Council to develop Milton Keynes further as a smart city.

16th December 2019
Art painting with a palette knife

Research project to allow groups at risk of exclusion to enjoy the Arts

OU academics have received £316,000 from the European Commission Horizon 2020 Programme for a new research project which will enable groups who are at risk of exclusion from the Arts to participate.

11th December 2019
Workers painting road markings

Sustainable materials for smarter roads

As the Christmas holiday period approaches, when short days, heavy traffic and adverse weather conditions can make festive travel tricky by road, OU academics are investigating new environmentally sustainable materials for use in road marking that could make our driving safer and easier.

10th December 2019
Mars and Phobos

Bringing pieces of Mars moon back to Earth

A team, led by the OU’s Dr Manish Patel, a renowned expert on Mars exploration, has given the thumbs up for a new Japanese mission to bring pieces of Mars’ moon back to Earth.

5th December 2019
Protesters of climate activist group Ende Gelaende at the Hambach opencast coal mine in Germany. Phillip Guelland/EPA

Climate crisis: six steps to making fossil fuels history

In shouting “system change not climate change”, young people understand that the 3-4℃ warmer world we’re headed for would be far more painful, costly and disruptive than any short-term costs or inconvenience we face from taking rapid, bold action.

3rd December 2019
Black mother and baby

OU academic calls for research into racism in health care

Dr Jenny Douglas, Senior Lecturer in Health Promotion, is calling for sound research to be conducted into racism in health care.

29th November 2019
Barbara Kunz

‘Truly inspiring’ OU technician awarded in THE Awards 2019

An OU technician has been honoured as “truly inspiring” in this year’s Times Higher Education Awards.

29th November 2019
Titan imaged in the near infrared by the Cassini orbiter on November 13, 2015. NASA/JPL/University of Arizona/University of Idaho

Titan: first global map uncovers secrets of a potentially habitable moon of Saturn

There are just three moons in our solar system that measure more than 5,000km across. Of these, Jupiter’s moons Ganymede and Callisto are airless and have ancient heavily cratered surfaces. But Saturn’s largest moon, Titan, abounds in landscapes that are eerily Earth-like – and it may even harbour life.

21st November 2019

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