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People standing around on their mobile phones

Research into the role of mobile phones in people’s busy lives

Research which will explore how people manage multiple conversations across phone apps has received funding.

14th July 2021
Schoolgirl working on laptop

Innovation adopted during COVID-19 is now “business as usual” according to OU research

Research conducted by the OU’s Faculty of Business & Law into online learning in English schools during COVID-19 has found that some innovations adopted have now become “business as usual”.

14th July 2021
Comets over Earth

Camera developed to image new comet

The Open University is part of a team developing a camera to image a “dynamically new” comet as part of a new mission.

13th July 2021
Woman with arms outstretched standing amongst trees

Gratitude project aims to promote mental wellbeing post pandemic

Clapping for the NHS revealed the desire to express gratitude during the pandemic, and now researchers have created a virtual tool to enable people to say thank you more easily.

9th July 2021
Person taking a photo of leaves with mobile phone

Research to enable children to recreate textures found in nature on phones

An OU-led research project which will develop digital tools that will make it possible for children to recreate textures found in nature has been funded.

6th July 2021
Drawing of two people holding hands with a grassy field background

Digital storytelling research funded to explore educational inclusion

A project which will use storytelling as a device to explore young people’s understanding of what it means to be included in education, has been funded.

5th July 2021
Group of people walking in sand dunes

Film about coastal living launched on first ever World Sand Dune Day

A film about those who live among sand dunes is the subject of a film launched on World Sand Dune Day (25 June 2021).

25th June 2021
Blocks of multicoloured glass windows

2021 Postgraduate Research Poster Competition winners announced

The Open University has announced the winners of this year’s Postgraduate Research Poster Competition, which recognises PhD and Professional Doctorate students’ academic excellence and contribution to the University’s research community.

23rd June 2021
Group of people sitting in a circle

OU funds first psychological resources for organisations hub

A hub that will offer psychological resources to organisations and employees to help them to manage the effects of COVID-19 has been launched.

16th June 2021
Surface of the Moon with the Sun in the background

Evidence about one of the oldest craters on the Moon

An international team of researchers from the UK, Canada, Sweden and Australia have provided the first sample-based evidence, which they argue reflects the age of the Serenitatis Basin – one of the oldest craters on the Moon.

14th June 2021

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