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Photo of busy and diverse UK street scene

Day 61, Year of #Mygration: The critical role of Hometown Associations in Development

In this podcast, Dr Ben Lampert discusses the critical role of Hometown Associations in development. With a focus on Nigerian diaspora in the UK, he highlights the benefits of these groups, and explores why funders are still reluctant to fund them

26th March 2018
Photo of Tendayi speaking at last year's event

Day 60, Year of Mygration: OU 'Pop-up Professor' at the Migration Museum, London

The Migration Museum in London is holding an evening event on Thursday 29 March, offering visitors a late night viewing of their 'No Turning Back: Seven Migration Moments that Changed Britain' exhibition, with OU Lecturer, Dr Tendayi Bloom

23rd March 2018
Photo of Chinese wholesale market in Lagos, Nigeria

Day 59, Year of Mygration: The reality of China in Africa

'The rhetoric and realities of Chinese migration to Africa', comes from the online journal of the China Policy Institute, written by Dr Ben Lampert, Lecturer in International Development & Professor Giles Mohan, Director of the OU's Research Network in International Development

22nd March 2018
Photo of Chinese and Ghanaians playing football on a beach near Ghana’s capital, Accra

Day 58, Year of #Mygration: Chinese Migration to Africa

In his second featured blog post in our Year of Mygration series, Professor Giles Mohan, Director of the OU's Research Network in International Development and Inclusive Innovation, explores his particular area of expertise, the rise of China in Africa

21st March 2018
Shutterstock-488873683 Diabetic diet and healthy eating concept

OU PhD student researches the psychology of managing illness through diet

An OU PhD student will present research into the psychology of managing diet-controlled conditions such as type 2 diabetes and coeliac disease, at an event at the OU Milton Keynes on Thursday (22 March).

20th March 2018
Shutterstock-741657049 Woman consulting female computing engineer

OU research identifies barriers to women in IT

Research findings released today (20 March) reveal that there are continuing barriers to overcome to enable women to be better represented in highly-skilled positions in UK Information Technology (IT), with lessons to be learned from their counterparts in India.

20th March 2018
Martha Lane Fox addresses delegates at the report's launch today in London

Day 57, Year of #Mygration: Gender, Skilled Migration & IT industry, a study of India & the UK

New report launched today: ESRC-funded, OU-led project, Gender, Skilled Migration and IT industry: a comparative study of India & the UK, compared the profiles of the IT industry in UK with that in India

20th March 2018
Cover of the book Giles discusses, Global Migration: Patterns, Processes, and Politics by Elizabeth Mavroudi and Caroline Nagel

Day 56, Year of #Mygration: South-South and African Migration Trends

Professor Giles Mohan, Director of the OU's Research Network in International Development and Inclusive Innovation, explores global migration flows, and concludes that it is the south-south trajectory that is most prominent, despite what is presented by Western media

19th March 2018
Screenshot of SAGE's latest published newsletter

Day 55, Year of #Mygration: SAGE Sociology Spotlight on Migration

From insightful publications on attitudes towards immigrants in Europe to how political ideology influence the ways individuals reason about immigrants, SAGE Spotlight on Migration and Immigration offers a wealth of information and resources.

16th March 2018
Dr Alexander Borda-Rodriguez on a recent research trip to Ecuador, surrounded by a group of workers weaving

Day 54, Year of #Mygration: Insights from South America

In this short podcast, Dr Alexander Borda-Rodriguez, Research Fellow at The Open University, highlights why he chose the UK for postgraduate study, and explores why critical South American expertise are still failing to be properly embraced by the West.

15th March 2018

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