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Light rainbow coloured socks

The effect of family relations on mental health of young LGBQ

OU researchers are exploring the effects of family relationships on the mental health of young people.

17th August 2017
Solar panels

Remote solar labs to teach and transfer knowledge to students and entrepreneurs

OU researchers have been awarded funding to teach and provide real time experience to students who are experimenting and troubleshooting solar cells under different lab conditions.

17th August 2017
Functional magnetic resonance imaging could reveal whether someone knows something they’re not telling.

If a brain can be caught lying, should we admit that evidence to court?

A man is charged with stealing a very distinctive blue diamond. The man claims never to have seen the diamond before. An expert is called to testify whether the brain responses exhibited by this man indicate he has seen the diamond before. The question is – should this information be used in court?

3rd August 2017

OU research celebrates continuation of Santander Universities agreement to 2020

The OU and Santander celebrated their 10 year relationship and its extension to 2020 this week (26 July) at the OU’s Milton Keynes campus.

1st August 2017

OU research gets support for first canine-friendly toolkit

The OU Animal-Computer Interaction (ACI) Lab is being supported by Petplan Charitable Trust to launch its first canine-friendly toolkit by 2018.

27th July 2017

Scientists find some of Mars’ youngest volcanoes – and discover they could have supported life

It may seem that Mars was once a much more exciting planet. True, there are dust storms and possible water-seeps occurring today, but billions of years ago it was a dramatic place with huge volcanoes, a giant canyon system and branching river valleys being formed.

26th July 2017
The ALMA telescope is searching

How do you work out if a signal from space is a message from aliens?

Astronomers working at the Arecibo radio telescope in Puerto Rico have detected a weird radio signal, spotted when pointing their telescope at the nearby star Ross 128.

19th July 2017
Scotland’s Erin Cuthbert in action as the team beat Ireland on July 7.

Women’s Euro 2017 football preview – all you need to know

As the ICC Women’s Cricket World Cup draws towards its conclusion, the summer of women’s sport takes to the football pitch with the UEFA Women’s Euro 2017 competition getting underway on July 16.

17th July 2017
Man looking at phone.

The real reason you can't quit Facebook? Maybe it's because you can judge your friends

Facebook recently announced that it now has over 2 billion monthly users. This makes its “population” larger than that of China, the US, Mexico and Japan combined. Its popularity, and with it the influence it has in society, is beyond dispute. But for many the experience of actually using the site fluctuates somewhere between the addictive and the annoying. Our new research shows that the reason for this is very simple. It’s all to do with other people, and how we feel about them.

14th July 2017
The spacecraft will cruise for years before it reaches Mercury. ESA, CC BY-SA

The BepiColombo spacecraft is ready to solve the many mysteries of Mercury

The €1.65 billion BepiColombo spacecraft is now being unstacked for final tests after being displayed in its launch configuration to the world’s press at the European Space Agency’s Space Technology and Research Centre. The six-metre high assembly will soon be shipped to Kourou in French Guyana where it is anticipated to launch in October 2018.

13th July 2017

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