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ThinkstockPhotos-530411744 - Primary school in Karatara

Research to improve learning in South Africa

OU researchers have just started a four year research project to improve learning outcomes in South Africa.

10th October 2017
gidsey_, CC BY-NC-ND

It's time to modernise the UK's road rules

Is adding offences for cyclists a good place to start?

6th October 2017
satellite. Pixabay, CC BY-SA

Private companies are launching a new space race – here's what to expect

The space race between the USA and Russia started with a beep from the Sputnik satellite exactly 60 years ago (October 4, 1957) and ended with a handshake in space just 18 years later.

5th October 2017
Full moon photographed from Earth

How a new orbital moon station could take us to Mars and beyond

The dream of a human habitat in orbit about the moon came a step closer on September 27, when NASA and the Russian space agency (Roscosmos) signed up to a common vision for future human exploration.

4th October 2017
ThinkstockPhotoes-827581036 - Research scientists

OU team shortlisted for innovation and gender balance

An OU team has been shortlisted in the WISE Awards 2017 in recognition of its outstanding contributions to gender balance in science, technology and engineering, of individuals and organisations.

29th September 2017
ThinkstockPhotos-896151015 - This is an artists concept of Cassini during the Saturn Orbit Insertion (SOI) maneuver

Cassini crashes: it’s time for a new mission to explore the possibility of life on Saturn’s moons

NASA’s Cassini mission has made its “death plunge” into the swirling clouds of Saturn after 20 years of exploring the planet and its moons.

18th September 2017
Professor Joyce Tait

OU academic appointed to the Council for Science and Technology

Professor Joyce Tait has been appointed to the Council for Science and Technology, which advises the Prime Minister on science and technology policy issues.

14th September 2017
China workshop

OU educational technology workshop in China attracts over 27,000

The OU’s first Sino-UK Symposium on Technology and Language Teaching in Beijing, held on 27 – 28th August 2017, attracted over 27,000 participants.

13th September 2017

Top award for innovation in international education

The OU’s reputation as the European leader for massive innovations in learning technologies was endorsed this month (8 September 2017), through the award for progressive education delivery at this year's PIEoneer Awards. Read the news story.

13th September 2017
Trust me, I’m not the one to ask

Does poor spelling really mean Donald Trump isn’t fit to be president?

In the aftermath of a controversial clash of protests in Boston, Donald Trump sent out a tweet about the need to heal the nation – managing in the process to misspell the word “heal”.

13th September 2017

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