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Dr Christopher Richard Langley

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Professional biography

I joined the OU in 2022 after teaching at Aberdeen, York and Newman University. I was Visiting Scholar at the University of St Andrews in 2014 and Visiting Research Fellow at the Institute for Advanced Studies in the Humanities at the University of Edinburgh in 2018. I studied at Birmingham and Aberdeen. 

I am a Fellow of the Royal Historical Society and a Fellow of the Higher Education Academy. 

Research interests

I am interested in early modern religious culture, especially in Scotland: I want to know how people in the past experienced religion and how it fit into their lives. My previous research has explored ecclesiastical responses to civil warfare, political change and social care in seventeenth-century Scotland. My current research project explores the Scottish General Assemblies between 1638 and 1653.

I am also interested in how historians create and use digital resources. I am the Co-Director of the project ‘Mapping the Scottish Reformation: A database of the Scottish clergy, 1560-1689’. 

Teaching interests

I have experience teaching a range of early modern history modules, from foundation to postgraduate level. 

I am part of the module team for A223 'Early modern Europe: Society and culture, 1500–1780' and cluster manage teams of Associate Lecturers in A111 'Discovering the arts and humanities'.

External collaborations

I am the Special Issues Editor for Scottish Historical Review. I serve as the Publicity Secretary for the Ecclesiastical History Society and sit on the council of the Scottish History Society, Scottish Church Heritage Research and the Jisc Open Research Advisory Board. 

I am an External Examiner for the History programmes at Keele and Edinburgh. 


Clergy widows in early modern Scotland (2022)
Langley, Chris
Scottish Church History ((In Press))

Parish Politics and Godly Agitation in Late Interregnum Scotland (2021-09)
Langley, Chris R.
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Deportment, emotion and moderation at the Glasgow Assembly, 1638 (2020-08)
Langley, Chris R.
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“In the execution of his office”: lay officials and the exercise of ecclesiastical discipline in Scotland, c. 1600-1660 (2018)
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Sheltering under the Covenant: The National Covenant, Orthodoxy and the Irish Rebellion, 1638–1644 (2017-10)
Langley, Chris R.
The Scottish Historical Review, 96(2) (pp. 137-160)

Lying Sick to Die: Dying, Informal Care and Authority in Scotland, ca. 1600–1660 (2017-03)
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Caring for Soldiers, Veterans and Families in Scotland, 1638-1651 (2017-01)
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“Diligence in his ministrie”: Languages of Clerical Sufficiency in Mid-Seventeenth-Century Scotland (2013)
Langley, Chris R.
Archiv für Reformationsgeschichte, 104(1)

Cultures of Care: Domestic Welfare, Discipline and the Church of Scotland, c. 1600–1689 (2020-05)
Langley, Chris R.
ISBN : 978-90-04-42097-7 | Publisher : Brill | Published : Leiden

Worship, Civil War and Community, 1638–1660 (2016)
Langley, Chris R.
ISBN : 9781138307100 | Publisher : Routledge | Published : London

Anticlericalism in Early Modern Scotland? (2021)
Langley, Chris R.
In: Langley, Chris R.; McMillan, Catherine E. and Newton, Russell eds. The Clergy in Early Modern Scotland (pp. 89-110)
ISBN : 9781783276196 | Publisher : Boydell | Published : London

Reading John Knox in the Scottish Revolution, 1638-42 (2020-06)
Langley, Chris R.
In: Langley, Chris R. ed. The National Covenant in Scotland, 1638–1689 (pp. 89-104)
ISBN : 9781783275304 | Publisher : Boydell | Published : London

‘So necessarie and charitable a worke’: welfare, identity and Scottish prisoners of war in England, 1650–55 (2018-09)
Langley, Chris R.
In: Appleby, David and Hopper, Andrew eds. Battle-scarred: Mortality, medical care and military welfare in the British Civil Wars (pp. 211-229)
Publisher : Manchester University Press | Published : Manchester

‘A Sweet Love-Token betwixt Christ and His Church’: Kirk, Communion and the Search for Further Reformation, 1646–1658 (2016-01)
Langley, Chris R.
In: McCallum, John ed. Scotland's Long Reformation: New Perspectives on Scottish Religion, c. 1500–1660 (pp. 87-111)
ISBN : 978-90-04-32393-3 | Publisher : Brill | Published : Leiden

The Clergy in Early Modern Scotland (2021-07)
Langley, Chris R.; McMillan, Catherine E. and Newton, Russell eds.
ISBN : 9781783276196 | Publisher : Boydell | Published : London

The National Covenant in Scotland, 1638-1689 (2020-06)
Langley, Chris R. ed.
ISBN : 9781783275304 | Publisher : Boydell | Published : London

The Minutes of the Synod of Lothian and Tweeddale, 1648-1659 (2016-08)
Langley, Chris R. ed.
ISBN : 9780906245415 | Publisher : Boydell | Published : London