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Miss Ayomide Oluseye

Profile summary

Professional biography

Ayomide Oluseye is a research fellow at The Open University. She leads an ESRC-funded project exploring pathways to health and learning inclusion among pregnant teenagers and young mothers in rural Nigeria. Dr Oluseye is experienced in gender and health research with expertise in policy analysis, qualitative methodologies and systematic research in low and middle-income contexts. Previously, she worked with the UN think tank on Global Health in Malaysia, analysing health interventions, programs and policies from a gendered lens. Her work and research span Africa, Asia and Europe.

Research interests

My key areas of interests are at the intersection of gender, education, and the sexual and reproductive health of marginalised populations. I am also interested in co-creation research and the use of creative methods to promote data dissemination.

Impact and engagement


Oluseye A., and Aaron Mvula. (2022). Fractured families: causes and consequences of family breakdown in the UK. In: Contemporary social problems in the UK. UK: Routledge.

Riha J., Malhotra, A. and Oluseye A.  (2022). Gender equality and climate action: lessons from evidence on SRHR. The Lancet. DOI:

Oluseye A., Waterhouse, P. and Hoggart L. (2021). “I really wanted to abort”; desire for abortion, failed abortion, and forced motherhood experiences in South-Western Nigeria. Global Public Health.

Oral presentations

Oluseye A., Waterhouse, P. and Hoggart L (2019). “Sex is meant for adults”; Community perception of female adolescent sexual and reproductive health services in rural Nigeria. Oral presentation at the African Population Conference, 18th-22nd November 2019, Uganda.

Oluseye A., Riha J., Malhotra, A. (2022). Assessing Quality and Choice with a Gender Lens in Mainstream Family Planning Interventions: A Systematic Review of Voucher Programs. Oral presentation at International Conference on Family Planning.

Opinion pieces

Oluseye A., and Fernando, G., (2022). Collective Solutions to Improve Sexual and Reproductive Health Rights in Climate Action. Publication of the United Nations University International Institute of Global Health.

Oluseye, A., (2020). No is a complete sentence: rape and consent in Nigeria. Article published at Afritondo

Oluseye, A. (2019). Sex for grades and predatory lecturers; a form of gender-based violence. Article published at Afritondo