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Ms Amanda Alexander

Profile summary

Professional biography

Andie Alexander is a PhD student in the Department of Religious Studies at the OU. Originally from the US, Alexander earned her BA in Religious Studies and History at the University of Alabama (2012), her MA in Religious Studies at the University of Colorado Boulder (2017), and her MA in American Religions at Emory University (2022). During her time at the University Alabama, she became involved with digital scholarship, website management, and blogging.

Alexander is co-editor (with Jason W. M. Ellsworth) of Fabricating Authenticity (Equinox, 2023). She also serves as the Managing Editor of The Religious Studies Project, which was co-founded by OU religious studies faculty Christopher R. Cotter and David G. Robertson.

Research interests

Alexander's research centers around identity construction, boundary formation, difference-making, experience rhetoric, and conceptions of the individual. More specifically, her work examines the ways in which post-9/11 public discourses of inclusivity implicitly Protestantize Muslims in the US. Drawing on several prominent public discourses about religious tolerance and pluralism, she analyzes how the promotion of “moderate” Islam—which is understood as inherently peaceful unlike its “radical” or “extremist” counterpart—as the authentic representation masks the structural work of those discourses in creating an Islam that is easily managed. She examines how, in prioritizing a certain type of individual—understood as a distinct social actor who possesses personal, private knowledge of themselves as largely separate from (and sometimes in competition with) public, mediated knowledge—these inclusivity discourses ultimately work as a form of governance and subject-making which construct and constrain the liberal Muslim subject.

External collaborations

The Religious Studies Project | Managing Editor
  • An international collaborative based in the U.K. which produces podcasts, commentary, and pedagogical resources on the social-scientific and critical study of religion. Listen to my episodes here.
Culture on the Edge | Contributor & Online Curator
  • A peer reviewed blog maintained by a 16-person international scholarly collaborative which produces work ranging from pithy blog posts to edited volumes and book series focusing on strategies of identification. I joined the collaborative in 2013 as the Online Curator and later also joined as a contributor in 2017. Read my blog posts here.
Studying Religion in Culture | Contributor
  • The blog of the Department of Religious Studies at the University of Alabama. Read my blog posts here.


"I’m spiritual but not religious" (2017-10-12)
Alexander, Andie and McCutcheon, Russell T.
In: Martin, Craig and Stoddard, Brad eds. Stereotyping Religion: Critiquing Clichés. Critiquing Religion: Discourse, Culture, Power (pp. 97-112)
ISBN : 978-1-4742-9220-7 | Publisher : Bloomsbury Academic | Published : London

Clashing Allegiances: The Practicality of Constructing National Identity (2017-07-17)
Alexander, Andie
In: Ramey, Steven ed. Fabricating Difference. Working with Culture on the Edge (pp. 69-76)
ISBN : 9781781794869 | Publisher : Equinox Publishers | Published : Sheffield