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Dr Christian Nold

Christian Nold

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Professional biography

Dr. Christian Nold is a researcher, artist and designer inventing and analysing new models and technologies for collective representation. He is an expert in Citizen Science, having coordinated and evaluated the EU-funded ‘Doing It Together Science' project and worked on the 'EveryAware' and 'EU.Citizen-Science' projects. He has written numerous books and journal papers including ‘Emotional Cartography: Technologies of the Self’ and 'The Internet of People for a Post-Oil World' and given keynotes and public lectures across the world. In the last decades he created large-scale public projects such as the widely acclaimed 'Bio Mapping', 'Emotion Mapping' and ‘Bijlmer Euro’ that have been staged with thousands of participants across sixteen countries. Before joining the Open University he was a Research Fellow at the Social Design Institute (UAL) and a researcher in the Extreme Citizen Science group (UCL).

Research interests

Keywords: Citizen Science, Participatory Design, Internet of Things, Actor-Network Theory, Ontological Politics, Anarchism

I am focused on combining Actor-Network Theory (ANT) with design to move beyond a focus on humans and technogies as seperate things. Specically I am trying to demonstrate 'Practice-based Ontological Design' as a way for designers to directly intervene in creating new realities. Also trying to make links with the established dialogue around Citizen Sciene to demonstrate alternative pratices focused on 'care' (Mol 2008). 

Impact and engagement

  • 2018 - 2019 DoomsDay BlockchainCollusion, Cambridge
    Artistic research exploring blockchain insertions.

  • 2014 - 2016 HubbubWellcome Trust, London
    Citizen monitoring network to materialise the impact of Heathrow airport.

  • 2011 - 2014 Money LabPixelache, Helsinki, Finland
    Three-year experimental local currency for a Finnish fortress island.

  • 2010 - 2011 Rennes Emotion MapLes Bouillants, Rennes, France

  • 2010 Control MapsImpakt Festival, Utrecht, Arnheim & Enschede, Holland
    Participatory mapping project to visualise ‘control’ in three Dutch cities.

  • 2009 - 2010 The Bijlmer EuroImagine IC, Amsterdam, Holland
    15-month experimental RFID parasite local currency that supports local identity

  • 2009 - 2010 Sensory JourneysSustrans, Bristol, UK
    Participatory mapping with three schools to trace children travel experience.

  • 2009 Sensing the Future of HedehuseneCopenhagen International Theatre, Copenhagen, Denmark
    Town-scale air & noise pollution monitoring network with real-time citizen voting.

  • 2009 BioTagging ManchesterFuturesonic, Manchester, UK
    Citizen Science collaboration with Natural History Museum and Meteorological Office.

  • 2009 Bethlehem BiopsyBethlehem University, Bethlehem, USA
    Participatory mapping involving hundred residents and local government to create urban visualisation.

  • 2008 Complexity MapsWorld Design Capital, Turin, Italy
    Summer school visualising heroin trade networks with 30 international design students.

  • 2008 Strange Weather, Studio for Urban Projects, Berkeley Art Museum, USA
    Winner of the Eyebeam EcoViz competition.

  • 2008 Emotional Tourism?Santiago de Compostela Council, Spain

  • 2007 Networked IdentityBBC Blast, Serpentine Gallery & Science Museum, London

  • 2007 Bio MappingHayward Gallery Projects, Brixton & Clapham, London

  • 2006 - 2007 Bio MappingWellcome Trust Sciart R&D Grant, London

  • 2008 The Brentford BiopsyWatermans Gallery, London

  • 2008 Emotion Map East ParisArslonga Gallery, Paris, France

  • 2007 - 2008 Creative MappingIniva, London

  • 2007 Stockport Emotion MapStockport Council & Lendlease, Stockport, UK

  • 2007 San Francisco Emotion MapSouthern Exposure, San Francisco, USA

  • 2006 - 2007 Mapping FulhamFulham NDC, London

  • 2005 - 2006 Greenwich Emotion MapIndependent Photography, London


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The Internet of People for a Post-Oil World
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Emotional Cartography: Technologies of the Self (2009)
Nold, Christian ed.
Publisher : Space Studios

How designers can reshape public controversies (2016)
Nold, Christian
In : Design and the City (19-22 Apr 2016, Amsterdam) (pp. 9-12)

Mapping Disagreement around Smart City devices (2013)
Nold, Christian
In : Hybrid City 2013: Subtle rEvolutions. 2nd International Biennial Conference (23-25 May 2013, Athens, Greece) (pp. 133-140)

Device Studies of Participatory Sensing: Ontological Politics and Design Interventions (2017)
Nold, Christian
PhD thesis UCL (University College London)

Design Economy 2021 Scoping Project: Public Understanding of Design (2021-07-29)
Nold, Christian; Kaszynska, Patrycja and Bailey, Jocelyn
Design Council, London.

Design Economy 2021 Scoping Project: Introductory Paper (2021-07-29)
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Towards a Sociomaterial Framework for Systems in Design (2021)
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Towards Typology of Design in Relation to Prisons (2021)
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University of the Arts London: Social Design Institute, Working Paper no. 1

ECSA's Characteristics of Citizen Science (2020)
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A Tale of Two Science Buses: Diversity of Knowledge and Inclusion Practices (2019)
DITOs Consortium, and Nold, Christian
DITOs Policy Briefs and Research Insights 11, Doing It Together Science (DITOs)

Rennes Emotion Map (2011)
Nold, Christian
Les Bouillants

Mapping the City - Reflections on urban mapping methodologies from GPS to Community Dialogue (2008)
Nold, Christian; Jensen, Ole B. and Harder, Henrik
Department of Architecture, Design and Media Technology, Aalborg University, Aalborg, Denmark.

East Paris Emotion Map (2008)
Nold, Christian
Galerie Ars Longa

Brentford Biopsy (2008)
Nold, Christian and Boraschi, Daniela

San Francisco Emotion Map (2007)
Nold, Christian
Southern Exposure

Stockport Emotion Map (2007)
Nold, Christian and Boraschi, Daniela

Greenwich Emotion Map (2006)
Nold, Christian
Independent Photography

Bio Mapping / Emotion Mapping (2004)
Nold, Christian