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Dr Debbie Humphry

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Externally funded projects

Children’s lives in changing places
RoleStart dateEnd dateFunding source
Co-investigator01 Sep 202231 May 2024Nuffield Foundation

The most globally expansive research into young people’s contemporary urban life, Growing Up In Cities III (GUIC III) involves 18 countries where researchers in 24 study sites examine adolescent perceptions of urban space in order to better understand the impact the local environment has on their young lives. The intent of GUIC III is to empower children, providing them with a voice that advocates for their health and wellbeing, in contemporary urban contexts in Argentina, Australia, Canada, Chile, China, Colombia, El Salvador, India, Korea, Lebanon, Mexico, Nepal, Nigeria, South Africa, the United Kingdom and the USA. Aim: To understand how young people (aged between 10 and 15 years) use and derive meaning from their local environment; to develop insight into how the urban environment affects their lives, through observation and based on young people’s own words; and to apply this knowledge in support of meaningful change in the design and management of urban places. To address the aim and objectives, this project revolves around three general phases established in the 1990s GUIC II study (Chawla, 2002): a. A Research Phase: where qualitative and quantitative data is gathered on and with children, and the urban settings in which they live. b. An Action Phase: Findings/results are communicated and applied to an activity, initiative or project where outcomes lead to improvements in their lives. c. A Dissemination Phase: Young people’s views and voices are communicated to a range of decision makers in the local area where the study is being conducted and to a range of audiences worldwide to facilitate awareness and action, with the intention of improving their wellbeing and quality of life