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Dr Jon Pike

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Professional biography

I joined the Open University in 1998, as Staff Tutor and Lecturer in Philosophy in the South East Region. I've written on my major teaching topic: political philosophy, from Level One (on Cultural Exemptions) to the MA in Philosophy which I now co-chair with Derek Matravers. So my main area of teaching is political philosophy: political obligation, distributive and global justice, and I maintain an interest in Marx and Aristotle who were the topic of my doctoral dissertation and first book. I'm very interested in rules, and breaking them, and in difficult actions, and failing at them.  This has lead me to an interest in the philosophy of sport, which is now my main research focus.


Research interests

My main research interest is in the Philosophy of Sport. I am the Chair of the British Philosophy of Sport Association. I'm interested in Doping and anti-Doping, in what - if anything - gives sport its value, and in how far a sport can change and still remain the same sport.  I'm working on a monograph against conventionalism, and for a version of Aristotelianism as an account of sport.

Armstrong was a Cheat: a Reply to Eric Moore in Sport, Ethics, and Philosophy (forthcoming)
Therapeutic Use Exemptions and the Doctrine of Double Effect in Journal of the Philosophy of Sport (2018)
Doping, ‘Mechanical Doping’ and Local Essentialism in the Individuation of Sports in Ethics in Sport (Human Kinetics (ed. Morgan) 2017
War  (2014) (Open University text)
Political Philosophy (2011) (Open University text)
Political Philosophy A-Z (Edinburgh University Press 2005)
Debates in Contemporary Political Philosophy: An Anthology (Routledge: New York, 2003)
'Aristotle and Marx: Egalitarianism, Civic Friendship and Rights', Skepsis 2001; 12: 142-156
Reading Political Philosophy: Machiavelli to Mill (Routledge : New York, 2000)
'Strikes' in The Encyclopaedia of Applied Ethics (Academic Press) 1999
From Aristotle to Marx, Aristotelianism in Marxist Social Ontology (Avebury Series in Philosophy, Ashgate, 1999)
'Snapping the Bonds: Marx and Antiquity in the Earliest Writings' in Critique 30-31 1998

See Open Research Online for details of my most recent publications.


Armstrong was a Cheat: A Reply to Eric Moore (2019)
Pike, Jon and Cordell, Sean
Sports, Ethics and Philosophy ((Early Access))

Action theory and the value of sport (2019)
Pike, Jon
Journal of the Philosophy of Sport, 46(1) (pp. 14-29)

Therapeutic Use Exemptions and the Doctrine of Double Effect (2018)
Pike, Jon
Journal of the Philosophy of Sport, 45(1) (pp. 66-82)

Political Philosophy A-Z (2007-07)
Pike, Jon
ISBN : 9780748622696 | Publisher : Edinburgh University Press | Published : Edinburgh

From Aristotle to Marx: Aristotelianism in Marxist Social Ontology (1999-04-28)
Pike, Jonathan
Avebury Series in Philosophy
ISBN : 1840143096 | Publisher : Ashgate | Published : London

Doping, "Mechanical Doping" and Local Essentialism in the Individuation of Sports (2018)
Pike, Jon
In: Morgan, William J. ed. Ethics in Sport: Third Edition (pp. 321-335)
ISBN : 9781492556763 | Publisher : Human Kinetics | Published : Champaign, Illinois

Geras on means and ends: the case for a prefigurative constraint (2012-06)
Pike, Jon
In: Thinking towards Humanity: Themes from Norman Geras (pp. 133-149)
ISBN : 978-0-7190-8087-6 | Publisher : Manchester University Press | Published : Manchester, UK