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Mr Joe Hanley

Joe Hanley

Profile summary

Professional biography

Joe Hanley is a social worker and a lecturer in social work as part of the central academic team in the OU. His background is in adult services. Joe is also undertaking a Doctorate in Education, focusing on social work education. 




Research interests

Social work education, social work policy, educational technology. 

External collaborations

Member of BASW, SRHE, SWAN, MENSA, Fellow of the HEA. 


Better together: comprehensive social work education in England (2022)
Hanley, Joe
Critical and Radical Social Work, 10(1) (pp. 127-143)

Left behind: exploring how mainstream social work students see themselves compared to the ‘best and brightest’ (2022)
Hanley, Joe
Social Work Education, 41(4) (pp. 497-513)

Book Review: Writing skills for social work students by Bella Ross (2022)
Hanley, Joe
Journal of Social Work ((Early access))

Social Work England: A regulator worthy of our collective dissent (2022)
Hanley, Joe
Aotearoa New Zealand Social Work, 34(3) (pp. 48-60)

[Book Review] Ethics and risk management in online and distance social work by Frederic Reamer (2022)
Hanley, Joe
Journal of Social Work ((Early Access))

Why we are worried about the ‘Independent’ Review of Children’s Social Care in England – and why we think you should be too (2021-08)
Hanley, Joe; De Luca-Ruane, Alissa and Moth, Rich
Critical and Radical Social Work, 9(2) (pp. 301-306)

‘The best and the brightest’: widening participation and social justice in contemporary English social work education (2021)
Hanley, Joe
European Journal of Social Work, 24(3) (pp. 505-514)

Team-based learning in social work law education: a practitioner enquiry (2021)
Hanley, Joe
Social Work Education, 40(8) (pp. 1038-1050)

A Fisher-eye lens on social work reform (2021)
McGrath-Brookes, Michael; Hanley, Joe and Higgins, Martyn
Journal of Social Work, 21(5) (pp. 1261-1277)

Dismantling the Blueprint: Buurtzorg in English child protection social work (2021)
Hanley, Joe; McGrath-Brookes, Michael and Higgins, Martyn
European Journal of Social Work, 24(6) (pp. 990-1000)

[Book Review] Steve Rogowski Social Work: The Rise and Fall of a Profession? (2021)
Hanley, Joe
Critical Social Policy, 41(1) (pp. 156-157)

[Book Review] Michael Lavalette (Ed.), What is the future of social work? (2021)
Hanley, Joe
Journal of Social Work, 21(4) (pp. 988-989)

Networks of power and counterpower in social work with children and families in England (2021)
Hanley, Joe
Critical Social Policy ((Early Access))

[Book Review] The politics of children’s services reform: Re-examining two decades of policy change by Carl Purcell (2020) (2020-08)
Hanley, Joe
Critical and Radical Social Work, 8(2) (pp. 293-294)

The ‘quality’ of social work students in England: a genealogy of discourse 2002–18 (2019-08)
Hanley, Joe
Critical and Radical Social Work, 9(2) (pp. 253-268)

[Book review] Dawn Brooker and Isabelle Latham , Person-centred Dementia Care: Making Services Better with the VIPS Framework, Jessica Kingsley Publishing, London, 2016 (2017-09)
Hanley, Joe
Ageing and Society, 37(8) (pp. 1743-1744)

Unhappy anniversary? (2014-04-08)
Hanley, Joe and Marsland, David
The Journal of Adult Protection, 16(2) (pp. 104-112)

The negative impact of student evaluations on higher education research (2020-07-23)
Hanley, Joe
In: Luo, Y.; Saengkhattiya, T.; Bonful, L; Yu, W.; Li, L.; Fazal, N.; Ahmed, H. and Watts, M. eds. The Voice of Educators and Education Students (pp. 178-184)
ISBN : 979-8666712696 | Publisher : Brunel University | Published : London