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Dr Julian Sidoli

Profile summary

Professional biography

Julian graduated from University College London and was Called to the Bar by the Inner Temple. Whilst continuing to practice at the Bar specialising in Chancery, Personal Injury and Clinical Negligence Julian teaches Land Law and Equity and Trusts at the Open University and will be working on the development of the new LLB.  

Research interests

Julian has published widely in the fields of alternative dispute resolution, housing and property and has edited a number of collections. He was submitted in REF 2014 and will also be entered in REF 2021. He is currently working on a chapter on property transactions for a comparative collection, a monograph on mediation and a number of papers in Law and Literature. Julian is interested in receiving research proposals in any of the above areas especially those with a jurisprudential aspect and also on interdisciplinary projects with colleagues across different faculties and universities.

Selected Publications

  1. (2020) 'The Jurisprudence of Mediation' in Law in Motion: 50 Years of Legal Change, The Open University Law School (Edited by Lisa Claydon, Caroline Derry and Marjan Ajevski), pp 150-167.
  2. (2019) ‘Privacy, participation and the city’ (with Abigail Jackson) in Global Perspectives in Urban Law: The Legal Power of Cities, Routledge, Abingdon Oxfordshire (Edited by Nestor Davidson and Geeta Tewari), pp 27–42
  3. (2018) ‘Common threads in housing law research: a systematic and thematic analysis of the field’ (with M Vols) in Sidoli, J and Vols, M (2018) People and Buildings: Comparative Housing Law, Eleven International Publishing, The Hague, the Netherlands, pp 1-23.
  4. (2018) People and Buildings: Comparative Housing Law, (Edited with M Vols). Eleven International Publishing, The Hague, the Netherlands, pp 1-191.
  5. (2017) ‘Informal housing: plurality in the city’ in Law between Buildings: Emergent Global Perspectives in Urban Law, Routledge, Abingdon Oxfordshire (Edited by Nestor Davidson and Nisha Mistry), pp 130–147.
  6. (2017) ‘Contemporary housing law’ in Regulating the City: Contemporary Urban Housing Law (with M Vols and M Kiehl), Eleven International Publishing, The Hague, the Netherlands, pp 1-10.
  7. (2017) Regulating the City: Contemporary Urban Housing Law, (Edited with M Vols and M Kiehl). Eleven International Publishing, The Hague, the Netherlands, pp 1-170.
  8. (2015) ‘Adjudication in tenancy deposit scheme disputes: agents’ perspectives’ (with George and Vols). International Journal of Law in the Built Environment, Vol 7(2) pp 162–171.
  9. (2015) ‘Human rights and protection against eviction in anti-social behaviour cases in the Netherlands and Germany’ (with M Vols and M Kiehl). European Journal of Comparative Law & Governance, Vol 2(2) pp 1–26 (May–June 2015). 
  10. (2015) ‘Mediation and conservation conflicts: from top-down to bottom-up’ (with Mark Reed) in Conflicts in Conservation: Strategies for Coping with a Changing World (Edited by Juliette Young and Steve Redpath),Cambridge University Press, pp 222–235. 
  11. (2014) ‘The problem of compulsory mediation: civil justice, human rights and proportionality’. International Journal of Law in the Built Environment, Volume 6(3) pp 286–299. 
  12. (2014) ‘Renting, the law and human rights’ (with Padraic Kenna) in Public and Private Renting in Ireland (Edited by Lorcan Sirr). Institute of Public Administration, Dublin, pp 209–221.
  13. (2014) ‘Selective licensing – residents, landlords and community engagement: the perspectives of scheme managers’ (with Giles Spencer & Padraic Kenna). Journal of Housing Law, Vol 17(4) pp 72–77.
  14. (2013) ‘Construction mediation as a developmental process’ International Review of Law, Vol 2013(1) pp 1–8 also published in Arabic as الوساطة في منازعات البناء كعملیة تنمویة.
  15. (2012) ‘Selective licensing and resident satisfaction: a case study’. International Journal of Law in the Built Environment, Vol. 4(2) pp 126–139. 
  16. (2011) ‘An investigation into lawyer attitudes towards the use of mediation in commercial property disputes in England and Wales’. International Journal of Law in the Built Environment, Vol 3(2) pp 182–198.