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Critical energy-density profile near walls (2020-08)
Borjan, Z.; Vasilyev, O. A.; Upton, P. J. and Dietrich, S.
Physical Review E, 102, Article 22805(2)

Off-critical Casimir effect in Ising slabs with antisymmetric boundary conditions in d=3 (2013-10-15)
Upton, P. J. and Borjan, Z.
Physical Review B, 88 (pp. 155418-1)

Off-critical casimir effect in ising slabs with symmetric boundary conditions in d=3 (2008)
Borjan, Z. and Upton, P. J.
Physical Review Letters, 101(12) (p 125702)

Step dynamics on vicinal surfaces using discrete interface models (2006-03)
Upton, P.J.
Physical Review E, 73 (pp. 031601-031604)

The exact interface model for wetting in the two-dimensional Ising model (2002-01)
Upton, P. J.
International Journal of Thermophysics, 23(1) (pp. 1-13)

Local-functional theory of critical adsorption (2001-05)
Borjan, Z. and Upton, P.J.
Physical Review E, 63(6) (pp. 065102-1-065102-4)

The Delta Function and Generalized Functions (2015-09)
Upton, P. J.
In: Higham, Nicholas J.; Dennis, Mark R.; Glendinning, Paul; Martin, Paul A.; Santosa, Fadil and Tanner, Jared eds. The Princeton Companion to Applied Mathematics (pp. 139-141)
ISBN : 9780691150390 | Publisher : Princeton University Press | Published : Princeton, NJ, USA