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Understanding Factors Associated with Burnout Symptoms amongst Investigators working on Rape and Serious Sexual Offence (RASSO) investigations in England and Wales (2023)
Sondhi, Arun; Harding, Richard; Maguire, Linda and Williams, Emma
Policing: A Journal of Policy and Practice, 17 ((Early Access))

Linking Professionalism, Learning and Wellbeing in the Context of Rape Investigation: Early Findings from Project Bluestone (2022-09)
Williams, Emma; Norman, Jennifer; Ward, Rachel and Harding, Richard
International Criminology, 2(3) (pp. 262-275)

Debate: The 70:20:10 ‘rule’ in learning and development—The mistake of listening to sirens and how to safely navigate around them (2022)
Harding, Richard
Public Money & Management, 42 (pp. 6-7)

Editorial: Learning from success and failure in action (2022)
Walkington, Zoë; Harding, Richard; Hartley, Jean; Miller, Nicky and Chase, Steven
Public Money & Management, 42(1) (pp. 1-3)