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Dr Simon Carter

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Professional biography

I originally was a research chemist working in the automotive industry and then in environmental protection. After studying at the Open University, I returned to full time higher education to complete a PhD at Lancaster University.  After this, I worked at the MRC Medical Sociology Unit, Glasgow University, where I spent a period on secondment to the MRC Public Communications Group in London.  This was followed by a period working as a medical sociologist at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine.  In 2005 I took up a post in the Department of Sociology at the Open University.

Research interests

I have research interests in Science and Technology Studies especially as applied to issues of health and medicine. I conducted a historical study examining the cultural turn towards the sun and sunlight in early twentieth-century Europe.  This research provides an analysis of the roles that sunlight played in the mediation of such notions as health, pleasure, the body, gender and class. I also have conducted research into critical approaches to the public understanding of science as applied to health issues. I have research interests in the impact of wearables and digital health.​

Teaching interests

I was  Co-Chair on the production of Making social worlds: security, conduct and attachment (DD308). I worked on the production of a new PG foundation module "Principals of Social and Psychological Inquiry" (D801).  I currently Chair of a new sociology module in production, 'Understanding Digital Societies' (DD218), due to be presented for the first time in the autumn of 2021.

Impact and engagement

I am The Managing Editor of the BSA-funded "Cost of Living Blog" about-about the politics, economics and sociology of health in times of austerity.


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The Mercy: Mental Health, Seafaring and Mythical Voyages (2018-02-27)
Carter, Simon
Cost of Living Blog

The Doctors’ Trial: 70 years on from the Nuremberg Code (2017-11-01)
Carter, Simon
Cost of Living Blog

Forensic Architecture and Violence (2017-07-27)
Carter, Simon
Cost of Living Blog

Three Weeks in June and One Night in November (2016-12-14)
Carter, Simon
Cost of Living Blog

‘Narcos’ and the ‘War on Drugs’ (2016-10-05)
Carter, Simon
Cost of Living Blog

Scientists (mis)understanding the public(s), again! (2016-03-09)
Carter, Simon
Cost of Living Blog

Watching the Detectives: Epigenetics and Ethics (2015-11-27)
Carter, Simon
Cost of Living Blog

Public Health and Behaviour Change: from naïve sociology to naïve psychology (2015-09-04)
Carter, Simon
Cost of Living Blog

We are all Dr Strangelove now (2015-02-20)
Carter, Simon
Cost of Living Blog, UK.

Abandoned but not forgotten: hospitals, decay and urban exploration (2014-11-28)
Carter, Simon
Cost of Living Blog

Lazing on a sunny afternoon? A historical perspective on risk and sunlight (2014-04-04)
Carter, Simon
Cost of Living Blog

‘BREAKING BAD’: markets, healthcare and drug money (2014-01-31)
Carter, Simon
Cost of Living Blog