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When one size does fit all: Simultaneous delivery of statistics teaching to multiple audiences (2021)
Hilliam, Rachel and Vines, Karen
Journal of University Teaching & Learning Practice, 18, Article 4(2)

Sonification of numerical data for education (2019-01-13)
Vines, Karen; Hughes, Chris; Alexander, Laura; Calvert, Carol; Colwell, Chetz; Holmes, Hilary; Kotecki, Claire; Parks, Kaela and Pearson, Victoria
Open Learning: The Journal of Open, Distance and e-Learning, 34(1) (pp. 19-39)

Predictive nonlinear biplots: maps and trajectories (2015)
Vines, S. K.
Journal of Multivariate Analysis, 140 (pp. 47-59)

Orthogonal simple component analysis: a new, exploratory approach (2011-03)
Anaya-Izquierdo, Karim; Critchley, Frank and Vines, Karen
Annals of Applied Statistics, 5(1) (pp. 486-522)

Simple and interpretable discrimination (2009)
Trendafilov, N. T. and Vines, K.
Computational Statistics and Data Analysis, 53(4) (pp. 979-989)

Relative error prediction via kernel regression smoothers (2008-10-01)
Jones, M. C.; Park, Heungsun; Shin, Key-Il; Vines, S. K. and Jeong, Seok-Oh
Journal of Statistical Planning and Inference, 138(10) (pp. 2887-2898)

CODA: convergence diagnosis and output analysis for MCMC (2006-03)
Plummer, Martyn; Best, Nicky; Cowles, Kate and Vines, Karen
R News, 6(1) (pp. 7-11)

Poverty, birth weight, and infant weight gain in Hertfordshire, 1923-39 (2004-12)
Razzell, Peter; Spence, Christine and Vines, Karen
International Journal of Epidemiology, 33(6) (pp. 1228-1233)

Time domain measurement of blood flow in the human fetal aorta during normal pregnancy (2004)
Thompson, O.; Gunnarson, G.; Vines, K.; Fayyad, A.; Wathen, N. and Harrington, K.
Ultrasound in Obstetrics & Gynecology, 23(3) (pp. 257-261)

Are placental lakes of any clinical significance? (2002-09)
Thompson, M. O.; Vines, S. K.; Aquilina, J.; Wathern, N. C. and Harrington, K.
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Simplified EOFs - three alternatives to rotation (2002-04-26)
Jolliffe, I.T.; Uddin, M. and Vines, S.K.
Climate Research, 20(3) (pp. 271-279)

Within-subject exposure dependency in case-crossover studies (2001-01-30)
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Simple principal components (2000)
Vines, S. K.
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Fitting Bayesian multiple random effects models (1996)
Vines, S. K.; Gilks, W. R. and Wild, P.
Statistics and Computing, 6(4) (pp. 337-346)