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No Obvious Home: the Public’s Dialogical Creation of Home During the Third Wave of Decolonization (2022)
Mahendran, Kesi; English, Anthony and Nieland, Sue
Human Arenas, 5 (pp. 634-653)

No borders on a fragile planet: Introducing four lay models of social psychological precarity to support global human identification and citizenship (2022)
Mahendran, Kesi; Nieland, Sue; English, Anthony and Goodman, Simon
British Journal of Social Psychology ((Early access))

Populism vs. the People: How citizen’s social representations of home destabilize national populism’s territorial vision (2021-04)
Mahendran, Kesi; English, Anthony and Nieland, Sue
Journal of Theoretical Social Psychology, 5(2) (pp. 146-158)

I'll never forget: remembering of past events within the Silent Generation as a challenge to the political mobilisations of nostalgia (2021)
Nieland, Sue; Mahendran, Kesi and Crafter, Sarah
Culture & Psychology, 29(1) (pp. 67-80)