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Dr Stuart Parris

Profile summary

Research interests

My research interests focus on the empirical investigation of the relationship between finance and innovation. In particular I am interested in the process of funding innovative firms operating in the clean technology and biopharmaceutical sectors and the implications of different types of finance on the innovation process.

Gleadle, P. Parris, S. Shipman, A. and Simonetti, S (2011) 'Financialisation as an enabler of innovation? The case of UK biotech', submitted to Critical Perspectives on Accounting

Mazzucato, M and Parris, S. (2011) 'Heterogeneity in the R&D and growth relationship: a quantile regression approach', FINNOV Discussion paper 2.9

Parris, S.; Demirel, P. (2010) 'Innovation in Venture Capital Backed Clean-technology Firms in the UK', Strategic Change, Vol.19 (7), pp. 343-357.

Parris, S (2011) 'Early stage venture capital in the UK: The extent and nature of syndication'. Working Paper

Parris, S (2009) 'Venture capital networks in the UK: National or regional?', IKD Working Paper 48, August 2009

Rosiello, A and Parris, S. (2009) 'The patterns of venture capital investment in the UK bio-healthcare sector: the role of proximity, cumulative learning and specialisation', Venture Capital, Vol.11 No. 3 pp.185-211

Project related publications

Demirel, P and Parris, S. (2011) 'Enterprise, Innovation and the Environment', FINNOV survey report

Mazzucato, M and Parris, S (Eds.) (2010) 'Do Financial Markets Reward Innovation: 1st FINNOV policy brief', FINNOV policy paper 1.

Mazzucato, M. Lazonick, W. Nightingale, P. and Parris, S (Eds.) (2010) 'FINNOV state of the art review', FINNOV Discussion paper 1.6.

Rosiello, A, Parris, S, and Massimiliano, C.(2007) 'Venture Capital as a New Form of Intermediation: Implication for the Emergence of Bio-Clusters in the UK', Final PRIME VC FUN dissemination workshop, Rome.

Selected conference and seminar papers

Parris, S & Demirel, P (May 2011) 'Profiling the UK Cleantech sector' FINNOV workshop, Economics Institute, Prague

Parris, S & Demirel, P (January 2010) 'Innovation in venture capital backed UK clean technology firms', Paper presented at the Intellectual Property Research Institute of Australia Pacific Rim Innovation Conference, University of Melbourne, Australia

Parris, S. (October 2009) 'Regional networks and the location of expertise: investors and biotech SME directors', Paper presented at Regional innovation workshop at ESRC Genomics Network (EGN) Conference, Cardiff, UK.

Parris, S. (July 2008) 'The structure of venture capital networks in the UK'. Paper presented at the 4th UK Social Networks conference, University of Greenwich, UK.

Parris, S. (March 2007) 'The determinants of venture capital investment in the UK - is biotechnology different'. Paper presented at the 3rd Global entrepreneurship research conference, University of San Francisco, California.

Parris, S. (January 2007) 'The determinants of venture capital investment in the UK - is biotechnology different'. Paper presented and discussant at the DRUID winter conference, Aalborg, Denmark.

Rosiello, A and Parris, S. (July 2008) 'The patterns of venture capital investment in the UK bio-healthcare sector: on geography, co-evolution and the provision of added value'. Paper presented at EU Knowledge for growth conference hosted by the French Ministry of Higher Education and Research, Toulouse School of Economics, France.

Teaching related publications

Parris, S. (2012) Business Finance, Chapter 17 in Simonetti, S. Anand, P. Himmelweit, S. Mackintosh, M. Santos, C. Stone, H (eds.) Doing Economics: People, Markets and Policy, Milton Keynes, The Open University.

A repository of research publications and other research outputs can be viewed at The Open University's Open Research Online.

Teaching interests

Contributions to course production for Running the economy (DD209) and Doing economics: people, markets and policy (DD309).


Access to Finance for Innovators in the UK’s Environmental Sector (2015-03)
Demirel, Pelin and Parris, Stuart
Technology Analysis and Strategic Management, 27(7) (pp. 782-808)

High-growth firms in changing competitive environments: the US pharmaceutical industry (1963 to 2002) (2015-01-01)
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Innovation in venture capital backed clean-technology firms in the UK (2010)
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The patterns of venture capital investment in the UK bio-healthcare sector: the role of proximity, cumulative learning and specialisation (2009-07)
Rosiello, Alessandro and Parris, Stuart
Venture Capital, 11(3) (pp. 185-211)

Smart cities: locations for environmental entrepreneurship (2019-10-21)
Parris, Stuart
In: Nuttall, William J; Gibson, David V; Trzmielak, Dariusz and Ibarra-Yunez, Alejandro eds. Energy and Mobility in Smart Cities (pp. 31-59)
ISBN : 9780727764256 | Publisher : ICE Publishing

Venture capital in the UK: A regional deal? (2009)
Parris, Stuart James
PhD thesis The Open University

Financialisation As An Enabler Or Inhibitor Of Innovation? The Case Of UK Biotech (2012-01)
Gleadle, Pauline; Parris, Stuart; Shipman, Alan and Simonetti, Roberto
FINNOV, Milton Keynes.

Enterprise, Innovation and the Enviroment (2011-08-01)
Demirel, Pelin and Parris, Stuart
FINNOV project, Milton Keynes.

Innovation in Venture-Capital Backed Clean-Technology Firms in the UK (2010-05)
Parris, Stuart and Demirel, Pelin
FP7 FINNOV project, Milton Keynes.