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Professional biography

I studied for my first degree in Ancient History at University College Swansea, and then took an MA in Roman Social History at the University of Reading. A Ph.D. on Roman funerary monuments followed. I then taught in the Classics Department at the University of Reading for several years, before joining the Department of Classical Studies at the Open University.

Research interests

My research area is Roman death, including funerary customs, funerary monuments and mourning rituals. Looking at Roman death ritual, and how dead Romans were thought of, remembered and commemorated, has the potential to illuminate many aspects of Roman society. I was drawn initially to Roman funerary memorials, focusing on the commemoration of key groups such as freed slaves, gladiators and soldiers, and this then created a broader interest in Roman funeral traditions. I have researched and compiled a source book on death in ancient Rome (Routledge 2007), a book on the dying, the dead and the bereaved in Rome (Continuum 2009) and have co-edited two volumes which focus on aspects of Roman death (Routledge 2000; Oxbow 2011). 

Current research is focused on investigating traditions surrounding grief and mourning in the Roman world, and I have published several chapters on this subject: methods of bringing solace to the bereaved; the evocation of the senses of and by mourners; the use of mementos and clothes as mourning objects; the sounds made by Roman mourners; and how key female figures (Livia, Octavia and the Julio-Claudian emperors) were presented as mourning for their loved-ones. I am particulalry interested in how the bodies of mourners were altered by the state of mourning, and the sensory and gendered dimensions present in the performance of mourning.

I also maintain an interest in the burial and commemoration of Roman soldiers, with a chapter on literary representations of military corpses published in War as Spectacle (Bloomsbury 2015), which I also co-edited, and recent articles on the burial (real and literary) of the Roman war dead (Mortality 2017) and the naval epitaphs from Misenum (2020).

I am a member of the steering committee for the Baron Thyssen Centre for the Study of Ancient Material Religion:

Select Publications

For publications since 2002 see the publications tab above. For all publications, including those prior to 2002, see


Roman Death. The Dying and the Dead in Ancient Rome. (Continuum 2009). Online review

Death in Ancient Rome: A sourcebook. (Routledge 2007).

Constructing Identity: The Roman Funerary Monuments of Aquileia, Mainz and Nîmes. (British Archaeological Report.International Series 960, 2001).

Edited Books:

War as Spectacle. Ancient and Modern Perspectives on the Display of Armed Conflict. Joint editor with A. Bakogianni (Bloomsbury 2015).

Memory and Mourning: Studies on Roman Death. Joint editor with J. Huskinson. (Oxbow 2011). Online review

Death and Disease in the Ancient City. Joint editor with E.Marshall (Routledge 2000). Online review


Social Pecking order in the Roman world’, BBC History-Romans (2003)

Teaching interests

My main teaching area is Roman history, especially social history, and I have contributed substantial teaching materials to A219/A229 (Exploring the Classical World), A330 (Myth in the Greek and Roman Worlds), A340 (Roman Empire), AA309 (Culture, Identity and Power in the Roman Empire), and A864 (MA in Classical Studies, Part 2) covering areas such as Roman Imperial history (Augustus, Claudius, Nero, Domitian, Hadrian), Roman history writing (Suetonius, Tacitus), Italian archaeology (Pompeii, Ostia) and Roman social history (family, housing, dining, bathing, funerary customs).

I would be interested in supervising postgraduate work in Roman history, in particular Roman social history, and especially work related to Roman funerary customs and funerary monuments.


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Hope, Valerie M.
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Hope, Valerie
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Hope, Valerie
In: Sharrock, Alison and Keith, Alison eds. Maternal conceptions in classical literature and philosophy
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Life at Sea, Death on Land: the Funerary Commemoration of the Sailors of Roman Misenum (2020)
Hope, Valerie
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Hope, Valerie
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Hope, Valerie
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Dead people's clothes: Materialising mourning and memory in ancient Rome (2018-07-17)
Hope, Valerie
In: Newby, Zahra and Toulson, Ruth eds. The Materiality of Mourning: Cross-disciplinary Perspectives (pp. 23-39)
ISBN : 9781351127653 | Publisher : Routledge | Published : London

Living without the dead: finding solace in ancient Rome (2017-04-30)
Hope, Valerie
In: Tappenden, Frederick S. and Daniel-Hughes, Carly eds. Coming Back to Life: The Permeability of Past and Present, Mortality and Immortality, Death and Life in the Ancient Mediterranean (pp. 39-70)
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A sense of grief: the role of the senses in the performance of Roman mourning (2017-03-26)
Hope, Valerie M.
In: Betts, Eleanor ed. Senses of the Empire. Multisensory Approaches to Roman Culture (pp. 86-103)
ISBN : 9781472446299 | Publisher : Routledge | Published : Abingdon

Funerary practices (2016-02-19)
Graham, Emma-Jayne and Hope, Valerie M.
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Bodies on the Battlefield: the spectacle of Rome's fallen soldiers (2015-10-22)
Hope, Valerie
In: Hope, Valerie and Bakogiannia, Anastasia eds. War as Spectacle. Ancient and Modern Perspectives on the Display of Armed Conflict (pp. 157-178)
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Hope, Valerie
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Livia's tears: the presentation of Roman mourning (2011-10)
Hope, Valerie
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Remembering to mourn: personal mementos of the dead in ancient Rome (2011-02-28)
Hope, Valerie
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Introduction (2011)
Hope, Valerie M.
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The end is to the beginning as the beginning is to the end. Birth, death and the classical body (2010-08)
Hope, Valerie
In: Garrison, Daniel H. ed. A Cultural History of the Human Body in Antiquity. A Cultural History of the Human Body (pp. 25-44)
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Hope, Valerie
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