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Dr Wendy McInally

Profile summary

Professional biography

Combining knowledge, skills, insight and expertise developed over 30 years in clinical and educational delivery environments across the United Kingdom (UK) and internationally, I have built a comprehensive research, practice and education portfolio around children and young people. I am a widely recognised nurse specialist in the care of children and young people with cancer. I have played a leading role in developing many child health evidence-based practice initiatives both within my previous University and more widely across the UK. 

Research interests

I was awarded my PhD in June 2020. My PhD thesis, entitled ‘A Life Interrupted: An Interpretative Phenomenological Analysis of Young People and their Family / Significant Other Living with Malignant Melanoma’ was submitted in January 2020.  Viva was March 2020. 

Research interests are children and young people living with cancer. Nursing education and care delivery.  Palliative and end of life care. Leadership in nursing.  Pedagogy.  

Teaching interests

Developing as a Professional Nurse

Family-centred care/person-centred care

EBP and Research


Change Management

Mobility - learning from an international perspective


Impact and engagement


Impact and Engagement
Sharing the journey. Public Engagement March 2020. This built upon my PhD findings.
November 2017. I was instrumental in bringing a high-profile event, There is a Light: BRIGHTLIGHT', to Edinburgh raising public awareness of the specific cancer-related issues faced by teenagers and young people. I led the collaboration with the Youth Theatre Arts Scotland, Macmillan Cancer Support and ENU. 
2017. National needs analysis and the development of a community eLearning resource (MOOC).  
2016. Research project around ePortfolio for undergraduate nursing students.  
2016. Nurse Advisor - National Confidential Enquiry into Patient Outcome and Death (NCEPOD, 2018).  
2013. Florence Nightingale Travel Scholarship. Transition for Young People with Cancer.


External collaborations

2019 Advisory Board Member European School of Oncology (ESO). 
2019 Awarded the Macmillan title.  
2018 European Oncology Nursing Society (EONS) Member (Education Working Group). 2017 Editorial Board Member for the new journal Comprehensive Child and Adolescent Nursing. 
2015 Senior Fellow Higher Education Academy. 
2012 Teenagers and Young Adults with Cancer (TYAC).  
2006 CCLG/RCN. 


European Oncology Nursing Society

European School Oncology

Western Carolina University

Lahti University Finland


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Supporting the student experience through the PDT role. (2014)
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Using wiki's to connect nursing students across the globe (2012)
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Public Engagement Event BRIGHTLIGHT (2017-11)
McInally, Wendy
Wendy McInally

Lost in transition: Exploring how young people with cancer are transitioned from child to adult services acrossdifferent healthcare systems. (2011-11-30)
McInally, Wendy
Florence Nightingale Foundation/ Edinburgh Napier University