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Institutionalizing Experimental Places for Inclusive Social Innovation: From Utopias to Heterotopias. (2023-06-12)
Sancino, Alessandro; Scognamiglio, Fulvio; Corvo, Luigi; Imperiale, Francesca and Pasi, Giulio
Voluntas : international journal of voluntary and nonprofit organizations ([Early Access])

The Public Sector and Co-Creation in Turbulent times: A Systematic Literature Review on Robust Governance in the Covid-19 emergency (2023-03)
Scognamiglio, Fulvio; Sancino, Alessandro; Calo, Francesca; Jacklin-Jarvis, Carol and Rees, James
Public Administration, 101(1) (pp. 53-70)

Social innovation during turbulent times: a systematic literature review and research agenda (2023)
Calò, Francesca; Scognamiglio, Fulvio; Bellazzecca, Enrico and Ongaro, Edoardo
Public Management Review ((Early Access))