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Year of Mygration

Migrants and migration matter to The Open University and to all of us.

2018 is The Open University's Year of Mygration. The Open University is ‘open to people, places, methods and ideas’ so has always welcomed migrants as students and staff, and has encouraged pioneering methods of learning, teaching, research and engagement around the themes of migration, refugees, mobility and belonging.

Our Year of ‘Mygration’ emphasises that we are all affected by migration, whether or not we ourselves or immediate families are migrants. The issues of migration are vital to understanding not just current UK politics but also the world’s economies and communities.

Every day we share a reflection on the broad theme of migration which showcases the work of the OU academics and our partners. Be it a short blog, podcast or archive clip, tweet or link.

January 2018 began with a series of reflections on being ‘Open to People’. February continued with the theme ‘Open to Places’, March focussed on 'Open to Methods' and April on being 'Open to Ideas'. In the following months, we will continue reflecting on migration-related political and social developments and share relevant activities and research of the Open University.

The Year of Mygration is a collaboration between the Citizenship & Governance and the International Development & Inclusive Innovation Strategic Research Areas of the OU

Photo from the workshop held in Glasgow last month

Day 204, Year of #Mygration: Developing a model for open learning by refugees and refugee-support organisations

There are thousands of educational resources available online targeted at refugees & asylum seekers, yet very little information about whether they are fit for purpose. Gabi Witthaus writes today about her involvement in the OU's Resources for Refugees (RefER) project

16th October 2018
Stop Hate sign in Milton Keynes

Day 203, Year of #Mygration: OU marks the launch of National Hate Crime Awareness Week

To mark National Hate Crime Awareness Week, The Open University is holding a music festival as part of its Year of Mygration, an initiative developed to promote a fairer and more inclusive society. Dr Fidele Mutwarasibo explains more in today's blog post

15th October 2018
Photo of a fence

Day 202, Year of #Mygration: LGBTQI+ Survivors of Trafficking

Dr Avi Boukli was one of two OU Academic Consultants on the stunning recent OU BBC production, Storyville: Jailed in America. Today, Avi explores the issues surrounding supporting survivors of trafficking, particularly those who identify as LGBTQI+

12th October 2018
Cartoon image with the text 'slavery convention'

Day 201, Year of #Mygration: Trafficking in human beings: myths and realities

The OU has been working with the BBC to bring you a series of ground-breaking films about slavery in the modern age, now available on BBC iPlayer. Today, Dr Olga Jurasz from the OU highlights the first prosecution in the UK under the Modern Slavery Act, made just last week

11th October 2018
Photo of a young man of colour using tools to build

Day 200, Year of #Mygration: Celebrating the successes of Professor Giles Mohan

On day 200 of the OU's Year of Mygration, we celebrate the successes of Professor Giles Mohan, Director of OU research in International Development. We highlight his recent award and exciting new ESRC project looking at how migration aids growth in Africa

10th October 2018
Blackboard with the words 'do you speak english?' written on it

Day 199, Year of #Mygration: Do enforced language tests help migrants integrate more smoothly?

The Labor opposition party in Australia wrote a letter to the PM last week calling for an immigration policy review to tackle population growth. Miriam Faine from Monash University reflects on Australia’s current policy of making English skills a key part of citizenship

9th October 2018
Image of a young woman of colour with her head in her hands

Day 198, Year of #Mygration: Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) and Social Media

Dr Christina Julios from the OU discusses her new book on the changes in anti-FGM campaigning over time. She highlights how, while prevalent in 30 countries around the world, it is now a global phenomenon as practices spread through diaspora communities

8th October 2018
NAWOU gender sensitization training sessions, with a particular focus on gender-based violence.

Day 197, Year of #Mygration: From the Frying Pan into the Fire – the Deteriorating Situation of Female Refugees in Uganda

The OU has over 7000 students studying outside the UK. Miriam Cherukut from the National Association of Women Organisations in Uganda (NAWOU) was once one of them. On World Teachers Day, she talks about her work and the sexual exploitation female refugees face in Uganda

5th October 2018
Front cover of the book

Day 196, Year of #Mygration: Theorising Noncitizenship - Concepts, Debates and Challenges

Who are noncitizens and why is it vital that we fill the current theoretical void around conceptualising noncitizenship? These questions, and more are addressed in this multi-disciplinary book co-edited by The Open University’s Dr Tendayi Bloom

4th October 2018
Pig being fed by trainee

Day 195, Year of #Mygration: Piggery Training in Alere Camp, Uganda

Yesterday, Magdalene AmujalExecutive Director of Kulika, discussed how their project with the OU in Oruchinga was an opportunity to explore how their training may benefit many refugees flooding into Uganda. Today, she tells about a subsequent related project

3rd October 2018

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