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Year of Mygration

Migrants and migration matter to The Open University and to all of us.

2018 is The Open University's Year of Mygration. The Open University is ‘open to people, places, methods and ideas’ so has always welcomed migrants as students and staff, and has encouraged pioneering methods of learning, teaching, research and engagement around the themes of migration, refugees, mobility and belonging.

Our Year of ‘Mygration’ emphasises that we are all affected by migration, whether or not we ourselves or immediate families are migrants. The issues of migration are vital to understanding not just current UK politics but also the world’s economies and communities.

Every day we share a reflection on the broad theme of migration which showcases the work of the OU academics and our partners. Be it a short blog, podcast or archive clip, tweet or link.

January 2018 began with a series of reflections on being ‘Open to People’. February continued with the theme ‘Open to Places’, March focussed on 'Open to Methods' and April on being 'Open to Ideas'. In the following months, we will continue reflecting on migration-related political and social developments and share relevant activities and research of the Open University.

The Year of Mygration is a collaboration between the Citizenship & Governance and the International Development & Inclusive Innovation Strategic Research Areas of the OU

Day 250, Year of #Mygration: 'The endless unfinished conversation of identity'

On Day 250, Professor Simon Lee reflects on the Year of #Mygration

19th December 2018

Day 249, Year of #Mygration: The Global Compact for Migration & statelessness in migration governance

Dr Tendayi Bloom, Lecturer in Politics and International Studies at The Open University shares her thoughts after attending the intergovernmental meeting to adopt the Global Compact for Safe, Orderly and Regular Migration (GCM)

18th December 2018

Day 248, Year of #Mygration: Refugees and Mental Health - Should I stay or go back to Syria?

In today's post, Dr Sharif Haider (Lecturer, Social Work, Faculty of Wellbeing, Education and Language Studies, The Open University) discusses mental health among the refugee community. He urges us to refrain from labelling refugees experiencing mental health issues

17th December 2018
A photo of a wheelbarrow in an allotment

Day 247, Year of #Mygration: Refugee Allotment Project

In today’s blog post, Dr Fidèle Mutwarasibo, a Visiting Research Fellow in The Open University's Centre for Voluntary Sector Leadership, highlights how a Refugee Allotment Project in Plymouth has proven to be a powerful, low-cost, integration initiative

14th December 2018
Female learning on a laptop computer

Day 246, Year of #Mygration: What happens when ‘East meets West’?

Laura Tan, an Associate Lecturer in Psychology at the OU, explores what benefits and barriers may exist when postgraduate students with East Asian heritage (mixed, Chinese, Japanese and Malaysian) study online with a Western university

13th December 2018
CSEA Conference

Day 245, Year of #Mygration: Africa’s Migration - Trends, Drivers and Policy Implications

‘Migration from Africa commonly evokes the image of a continent fleeing its own home’. Today, Peace John from the Centre for the Study of the Economies of Africa (CSEA), explores Africa’s migration issues & a recent African Policy Circle conference

12th December 2018
Global Compact Logo

Day 244, Year of #Mygration: Global Compact for Migration

Dr Fidèle Mutwarasibo discusses the Intergovernmental conference on the UN's Global Compact for Migration (developed with input from OU academics) taking place in Morocco & yesterday's signing of the agreement on managing migration in the world

11th December 2018
Human Rights Day 2018 logo

Day 243, Year of #Mygration: International Human Rights Day 2018

On International Human Rights Day, Dr Fidèle Mutwarasibo, Visiting Research Fellow in the OU's Centre for Voluntary Sector Leadership invites followers of the Year of Mygration portal to join in marking the 70th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights

10th December 2018
Nigerian flag

Day 242, Year of #Mygration: Diaspora Relocation Back to Nigeria

Thinking of relocating to Nigeria? Yomi Oloko is a journalist, trainer & development practitioner who has supported several OU academics to conduct research in Nigeria. Today, he talks about his experiences of relocating to Abuja & helping other diaspora do the same

7th December 2018
Sign at Gatwick airport all passengers see on arrival

Day 241, Year of #Mygration: When Britain wanted migrants

As we near the end of the year, we asked OU staff who themselves are migrants, to share their experiences. Today, we hear from Dr Joseph Hanlon, a journalist and development researcher, born in the United States. He moved to the UK in 1971

6th December 2018

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