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Year of Mygration

Migrants and migration matter to The Open University and to all of us.

The Open University's Year of Mygration stands as a remarkable introduction to diverse perspectives of migrants and migration. The Open University is ‘open to people, places, methods and ideas’ so has always welcomed migrants as students and staff, and has encouraged pioneering methods of learning, teaching, research and engagement around the themes of migration, refugees, mobility and belonging. 250 separate contributions have been gathered under the heading of a Year of ‘My-gration’ to emphasise that we are all affected by migration, whether or not we ourselves or immediate families are migrants. The issues of migration are vital to understanding not just current UK politics but also the world’s economies and communities.

The origins of this Year of Mygration are in a collaboration between the Citizenship & Governance and the International Development & Inclusive Innovation Strategic Research Areas of the OU. The idea was to share a reflection every day, Monday to Friday, for 50 weeks of a year, on the broad theme of migration which showcased the work of the OU academics and our partners, be it a short blog, podcast or archive clip, a tweet or a link to a longer article. We numbered the posts from 1 to 250 partly so that anyone can start their own Year of Mygration in any year and at any point in any year. We appreciate that migrants and the whole world live with migration 7 days a week for the whole 52 weeks of the year but we believe that there is a value in this exercise and we would welcome anyone creating their own sequels. As the OU enters our 50th anniversary year, 2019, we remain committed to being ‘open to people, places, methods and ideas’.

Tate Exchange art

Day 110, Year of #Mygration: Journeys from there to here

In today's reflection, OU PhD student, Evgenia Iliadou discusses her experience of visiting the Who Are We? Project at the Tate Exchange, and discusses how the artwork of Natasha Davies particularly compelled her to examine the idea of 'home'

5th June 2018
Art work from Tate Exchange

Day 109, Year of #Mygration: Memories of Migration

This week, we are focusing on the Who Are We? project, part of Tate Exchange. Today, OU PhD student, Dimos Sarantidis, talks us through his experience of visiting and what memories it stirred for him

4th June 2018
'Windrush' gentlemen chatting

Day 108, Year of #Mygration: Windrush, Songs In A Strange Land

Today marks the opening of a British Library exhibition on the Windrush Generation, running until 21 October 2018

1st June 2018

Day 107, Year of #Mygration: Forthcoming Ferguson Centre event on Colonial Migration 2nd July 2018

Forthcoming Ferguson Centre event on colonial migration 2 July
“Migration in colonial Africa and Asia: historical perspectives, connections and comparisons”
Monday 2 July, time 10.30-12.30, Seminar Room 6, The Library, Walton Hall, Milton Keynes

31st May 2018

Day 106, Year of #Mygration: Forthcoming Conference: The 8th Making Diversity Interventions Count Annual Conference

Forthcoming conference: 8th Making Diversity Interventions Count Annual Conference [MDICAC] 

30th May 2018

Day 105, Year of #Mygration: KNOMAD Migration and Development Brief

The Global Knowledge Partnership on Migration and Development (KNOMAD) published its Migration and development brief last month

29th May 2018

Day 104, Year of #Mygration: Home Office deportation targets show how Britain's immigration system is harmful by design

Written by Victoria Canning, Lecturer in Criminology and Social Policy at the Open University.

28th May 2018

Day 103, Year of #Mygration: How much do you know?

The new edition of World Migration Report 2018  

25th May 2018

Day 102, Year of #Mygration: Hostile Environments: The Politics of (Un)Belonging

Hostile Environments: The Poltics of (Un)Belonging.
Collective imagining at the TATE Modern Friday 25th May 2018 12-6pm

24th May 2018
image: shutterstock

Day 101, Year of #Mygration: A big data approach to research sudden large scale migration in humanitarian emergencies

Written by Dr Belinda Wu, Research Associate at the Open University

23rd May 2018

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