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Launch of The School of Psychology and Counselling's Research Centre

The School of Psychology and Counselling at the Open University will launch its new School research centre on Tuesday 6th July.


The directors of the research centre are Professor Paul Stenner and Professor Peter Hegarty.


The research centre will bring together the three main strands of research in the School.

  • CuSP, the Culture and Social Psychology collaboration  Members of CuSP investigate real-world issues in contemporary contexts, adopting critical approaches in order to understand people's experiences of conflict and change around health, politics, gender and sexuality, work and relationships. (Students in the School will have encountered CuSP's research in a number of modules, but particularly in DD317 Advancing social psychology.)
  • PheW, the Psychology of Health and Wellbeing research group and its members are interested in wellbeing, counselling and psychotherapy and critical approaches to mental health. Many PheW members are qualified practitioners. (Students in the School will have encountered PheW's research in the new counselling module D241 Understanding mental health and counselling, and in other modules.)
  • FCRG, the Forensic Cognition research group  Members of FCRG are also members of HERC and much of their research focus is around Harmful Evidence and Evidencing Harm. FCRG members are additionally interested in applied issues around the criminal justice system. Their research includes investigations of courtroom processes, policing and inquiry, and community and citizens. (Students in the School will have encountered FCRG's research in modules including DD310 Counselling and Forensic Psychology.)


For the launch of the centre, we're planning a party (of course!), with lectures from distinguished academics, including Professor Ann Phoenix, Professor Laurence Alison and Professor Helen Spandler. And in the days leading up to the launch itself, from Monday 28th June to Monday 5th July, there will be a series of lectures and online events featuring academics from all three research groups. The events will be open to anyone who's interested. So hold those dates and watch for further information.