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Serious Organised Crime and a View from Inside the NCA

This exciting one day conference will explore the way serious organised crime is being tackled at various different levels from the local to the global.  Papers and presentations will cover a variety of diverse and interesting types of crime and policing responses.

19th September 2018

Recovering the 19th Century: Penal Landscape

This one-day conference marks the launch of this new resource by exploring how the data can be used and developed, by academic and non-academic historians alike, to transform our understanding of 19th century imprisonment.

15th May 2018

International Conference on Penal Abolition 2018

Over four days there will be opportunities to organise and participate in activities and workshops that seek to build and strengthen local and international movements for social justice and penal abolition.  The conference is hosted by: The Harm & Evidence Research Collaborative, The Open University; the Department of Criminology, Birkbeck University of London; and the Centre for Crime and Justice Studies.

19th December 2017

Sanctuary in Sweden: Discussing Support for Refugees in Malmö

A half-day conference that will include presentations and roundtable discussions with organisations working across the refugee sector in Malmö. Themes include: implications for funding; supporting women, children and LGBTQ+ people; supporting survivors of sexual violence and torture; organisation capacity building; and responding to legislative change.

13th September 2017

Exploring Harm and Evidence

This conference sees the formal launch of the Open University’s Harm and  Evidence Research Collaborative (HERC).

22nd August 2016

Gendered violence in activist communities 21/09/2016

The Salvage Research Project explored the lived experiences of harm, violence and abuse experienced by women, non-binary and transgender individuals in radical activist communities in the UK. This event will mark the launch of the final report and toolkit with a panel discussion of the key findings and implications for action and social justice.

23rd May 2016

Power, Ethics and Positionality: Day school on advanced research methods in critical criminology and social policy

The Department of Social Policy and Criminology in partnership with the Harm and Evidence Research Collaborative (HERC) is hosting a day school in advanced research methods in critical criminology and social policy.

1st February 2016

Sites of Confinement: Confines, Control and Resistance at the Border

The aim of this day conference is to stimulate discussion around the ambiguity of sites of confinement with specific focuses on migration; race and racism; and physical, social and spatial bordering as control.

1st February 2016

7th Annual Conference Ethnicity, Crime and Justice; Contemporary and Historical Perspectives

This two day conference on 'Ethnicity, Crime and Justice; Contemporary and Historical Perspectives' aimed to bring historians and criminologists together around common themes.

20th November 2015

8th ICCCR Annual Conference Constructions of Evidence

The International Centre for Comparative Criminological Research held its annual conference at The Open University on 7 and 8 July 2011. The theme of the conference was 'Constructions of Evidence' and the emphasis was on legal evidence.

20th November 2015

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