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Summer Solstice Week at Crawick Multiverse

Sunday, June 18, 2023 - 10:00 to Saturday, June 24, 2023 - 18:00
Crawick Multiverse, Sanquhar, DG4 6EG
'Summer Solstice Week 18-24 June 2023 at Crawick Multiverse, Dumfries & Galloway'

Summer Solstice Week is a week-long programme of events co-hosted by The Crawick Multiverse Trust and The Open University in Scotland. 

Summer Solstice Week celebrations will take place at Crawick Multiverse, near Sanquhar in Dumfries and Galloway, and in other local venues including schools, community halls and arts centres.

Grass mounds at Crawick Multiverse © Mike BolamThe entire week offers a superb chance to explore the Crawick Multiverse artland, designed by the late Charles Jencks, who also designed landscapes at Jupiter Artland and Modern Art Gallery of Scotland. Its giant conical grass mounds represent colliding galaxies, and its long avenue of standing stones and other features are inspired by the sun, stars, and other wonders of the cosmos.

During Summer Solstice Week visitors and members can visit any day of the week, or choose to attend one or more of the ticketed events taking place throughout the week.

The events will be co-hosted by The Crawick Multiverse Trust and The Open University in Scotland. This includes talks and activities led by OU experts in space science, climate change and the arts, including professors Monica Grady CBE, Stephen Peake, Mahesh Anand and Graham Harvey. 

Sunday 18 June:              
Over the Moon at the Multiverse
10am-6pm: Tours, Talks and Family Fun at Crawick Mulitverse

Solstice Seminars at Sanquhar Town Hall
5.45-9pm: Inaugural Solstice Seminar

Wednesday 21 June:
Summer Solstice Day at Crawick Multiverse
4-6pm: Tours, Talks Workshops, Demos, Music, Dance and Ceremonies

Saturday 24 June:
Midsummer’s Day Picnic at Crawick Multiverse
10am-6pm: Family Fun

Book to take part in these activities via the Crawick Multiverse website

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