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Philosophy and Careers

Philosophy and employability

SC-PRS logoNigel Warburton talks to Clare Saunders, from the Subject Centre for Philosophical and Religious Studies. Clare has done research on philosophy and employabilty and this interview focuses on the kinds of career philosophy students tend to go on to; the skills they bring to the workplace, and how best to explain the benefits of studying philosophy to a prospective employer.


Employability Guide

The Subject Centre's student employability guide provides subject-specific information and advice for philosophy students. It articulates the skills philosophy students develop; the kinds of skills employers say they look for in graduates; examples of how to demonstrate to employers that these two sets of skills can match up; information and case studies about the career paths of past graduates; and advice about additional sources of support and guidance. You can download the guide as a PDF [419 KB].


Philosophy and Careers

Find out how studying philosophy can progress your career.