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Postgraduate Topics

Current postgraduate research topics

Nathan Fox, The Environmental Complexity Thesis and the Problem of Knowledge (Supervisors:  Carolyn Price and Alex Barber).

David Hurrell, An Analysis of Nietzsche’s Conception of Decadence (funded by CHASE) (Supervisors: Manuel Dries and S.-G. Chappell)

Susanne Mathies, The Simulated Self – Fiction Reading and Narrative Identity (Supervisors:  Carolyn Price and Derek Matravers).

David Mcbride, Moral equality, argument or intuition? (Supervisors: Derek Matravers and Jon Pike).

Sarah Pawlett Jackson, ‘Facing the Third Person in Levinas: Understanding multipersonal intersubjectivity’ (Supervisors: Sophie-Grace Chappell and Manuel Dries)

Jon Phelan, Understanding Other Minds from Literary Fiction (Supervisors: Derek Matravers and Sophie-Grace Chappell)

Brandon Robshaw, Should a Liberal State Ban the Burqa?, (Supervisors: Jon Pike, Sean Cordell)

Christopher Yorke, ‘Bernard Suits and the Utopian Politics of Gaming’ (Supervisors: Jon Pike and Alex Barber)

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