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Staff Research Activities

Individuals’ recent publications are listed on their homepages - follow the link for staff to go to the list.

Dr Hugh Beattie (Staff Tutor and Lecturer)
Islam and Islamic movements in imperial and contemporary Afghanistan, North-West Frontier, Punjab and Iran; Sikhism; martyrdom; pilgrimage; diaspora. Currently working on religious leadership, tribe and state on the North-West Frontier.

Professor Gwilym Beckerlegge
Nineteenth and twentieth century Hindu tradition; the relationship between religion and social development in India with particular reference to seva (service to humanity) in the Ramakrishna Math and Mission. Currently working on a study of seva in the Ramakrishna Math and Mission and the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh. Religions of South Asian origin in Britain.

Dr Marion Bowman (Senior Lecturer)
Vernacular Religion – religion as it is lived; Pilgrimage; religion and locality; material culture and commodification in relation to religion; contemporary Celtic Spirituality; religion and cultural tradition (including innovation, adaptation and revival of custom and tradition); long term ethnological study of Glastonbury; popular religion and aftermath of clerical abuse in Newfoundland, Canada.

Professor Graham Harvey (Head of Department)
Indigenous religions, contemporary Paganisms, and Jewish self-identities. For further information, see the publications list attached to Graham Harvey’s profile.

Dr John Maiden (Lecturer)
History of religion in the nineteenth and twentieth century, with a particular focus on Britain and the North Atlantic world. Currently researching the transnational dimensions of the charismatic renewal movement; evangelicals and Roman Catholicism since the eighteenth century; religious plurality and the sharing and transfer of church buildings in 1960s and 1960s Britain.

Dr Stefanie Sinclair (Senior Lecturer)
Religion & identity (part national, ethnic and gender identities), Religion as cultural heritage, Tradition & social change, Religion & education.

Dr Paul-François Tremlett (Senior Lecturer)
Contemporary East Asian religiosities and spiritualities; spatialities and geographies and place-making practices; modernity(ies) and secularism(s); cognitive theory of religion; Marxism and classical and contemporary social theory.

Professor John Wolffe
Protestant Evangelicalism with particular reference to anti-Catholicism, in Britain, in Ireland, and the United States; reactions to death; interconnections between religion and nationalism. Future plans include a book on responses to the deaths of prominent people from 1847 to 1910, and an international history of Evangelicalism from 1790 to 1860.

Honorary Associates

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Research Groups

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