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Contemporary cultures of writing


Our research focus is on writing practices, their cultural contexts and impacts ...
The research focus of this interdisciplinary group is on writing practices, their cultural contexts and impacts. We are interested in all forms of creative and academic writing, reflective practices, academic literacies, and translation as a creative act. The group’s convenors are Derek Neale and Sally O'Reilly.

Our Autumn 2017 seminar series, is Creativity, Language and Creative Writing  and runs during October, November and December - as with previous series it will be run in collaboration with the Institute of English Studies, School of Advanced Study, University of London.

Our Spring 2017 seminar series  was The Rise of the Detective Novel; our Autumn 2016 seminar series was Creative nonfiction: debates and directions, while our Autumn 2015 seminar series addressed Creative writing research: an investigation

Our Spring 2015 seminar series Styles of Writing, Styles of Thought: What Do We Mean When We Talk About Style? set out from the fundamental question “What is writing style?”  The Short Story in the 21st Century ran  in the Spring 2014. Our autumn 2014 seminar series was on New Historical Fiction in the 21st century. Following on from the first seminar series 2012-14 on The Rise of Creative Writing, on Life Writing: Borderlands Between Fact and Fiction, on Translation, Creativity and Creative Writing (with a follow up event in May at The British Library - see further information) and on Writing Funny - language, creativity and comedy. All seminar series are run in collaboration with the Institute of English Studies.  

For European Literature Night VII on 13 May 2015 Dr. Fiona Doloughan chaired a workshop on Bridging the Gap – Stories and histories in translation.This follows in a series of successful Panel Discussions involving writers and translators in conversation, including the panel in 2014 on Stories in Translation: Translating the Untranslatable, also in connection with European Literature Night. 

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