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Why assessment isn’t really like central heating

Back in the early days of this blog, I muttered about our misunderstanding of the word ‘feedback’ in the context of assessment and gave examples of positive and negative feedback from everday life. I talked about the thermostat on a central heating system as an … Continue reading

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Not all feedback interactions are helpful

I’ve just finished reading Kluger & DeNisi’s meta-analysis of the impact of feedback interventions on performance. (Kluger, A.N. & DeNisi, A. (1996) The effects of feedback interventions on performance : a historical review, a meta-analysis, and preliminary feedback intervention theory, … Continue reading

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Summative assessment is not the same as giving marks

The title of this post may sound contradictory. If we give students marks, the assessment is summative. Right? Not necessarily. It is perfectly possible to tell students their ‘mark’ for an assignment but for that mark not to count towards … Continue reading

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How students react to feedback from a computer

Returning to Lipnevich and Smith’s interesting work (Lipnevich, A.A. & Smith, J.K. (2009) “I really need feedback to learn:” students’ perspectives of the differential feedback messages, Educational Assessment Evaluation & Accountability, 21, 347-367). And for the benefit of those who attended the session … Continue reading

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Feedback, feedforward or feedaround?

This is another of those ideas that others probably thought of years ago, but I’ve been a bit slow on the uptake. In summary, findings about the effectiveness or otherwise of feedback probably depend on what the feedback is meant … Continue reading

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Flattery or feedback?

Reading this week’s New Scientist (23rd October 2010) on the train on my way to the Centre for Distance Education Conference in London yesterday, I found an interesting opinion piece from Clifford Nass ‘More than just a computer…’ The article … Continue reading

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Is less more? The Goldilocks of assessment

After my tirade in one of the EARLI/Northumbria Assessment Conference sessions about the true meaning of ‘feedback’  (see the second posting in this Blog, 30th July 2010) here I go again, doing exactly what I mutter at other people for doing. Just … Continue reading

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Adjectives of assessment

Writing about the various terms used to describe e-assessment made me realise just how littered with adjectives the whole area of assessment is. We have formative, summative, thresholded and diagnostic assessment. We have peer assessment and self assessment, and when you’re assessing … Continue reading

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We use ‘e-assessment’ to mean different things, but we also use a variety of terms to describe e-assessment! We have CAA (computer-aided assessment), or is it CAA (computer-assisted assessment); CMA (computer-marked assessment), or is it CMA (computer-mediated assessment). 

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More on feedback

Chris’s interesting post ‘Feedback on students’ assignments’ on Mikris’s Blog has made me think some more. Is this ‘what do we mean by feedback’ stuff  more than semantics?

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