Open & Inclusive SIG – Presentations on Autism

50 people attended the Open & Inclusive Special Interest Group meeting on Monday 29th June. A recording of the event is available here.

There were three presentations from the following speakers:

Presentation 1: James Schwanethal, The Open University

Presentation 2: Annabel Nijhof and Danna Oomen, The University of Ghent

Presentation 3: Laura Dean, The Open University

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Open and Inclusive SIG

The Open and Inclusive SIG was joined this month by Huw Alexander, managing director of textBOX, Jenny Moakes, a production manager in the OU’s FASS department, and Andrew Whitehead from the OU’s design team. Both Huw and Jenny talked about creating more accesible educational materials using textBOX’s focus|LOCUS method for creating accessible descriptions of images and living paintings respectively.
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