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TELSTAR Demonstrations

TELSTAR is working on three main types of integration between the RefWorks reference management software and technology enhanced learning at the Open University. We are now at a point where we have enough functionality to do some demonstrations of what has been developed.In this post there are three 5 minute screencasts which demonstrate the range of functionality that has been developed. I’m afraid the  sound quality isn’t quite as good as I’d like, but hopefully this won’t detract from the demonstration. Please feel free to post comments and questions below.

Integration with Course authoring tools

Integration between RefWorks references and Moodle course Resources

RefWorks Account integrated into a Moodle module


  • Oct 9th 200914:10
    by Keren

    The Moodle integration looks great – both from the tutor perspective and from the Refworks perspective. It all seems fairly easy to use – easier at any rate than it sometimes is to export references to Refworks from some of the databases.

  • Oct 9th 200914:10
    by Tony Hirst

    In “RefWorks references and Moodle course Resources” I notice that you don’t publish the RSS feed url that you’re pulling in? That’s a bit selfish…?

  • Oct 9th 200914:10
    by ostephens

    Do you mean I just don’t show it in the video? The RSS feed I use is from the RefShare at http://www.refworks.com/refshare/?site=015791142406000000/RWWS3A1351696/Telstar, and the RSS is at http://www.refworks.com/refshare/?site=015791142406000000/RWWS3A1351696/Telstar&rss

    As you might guess from this, you can view all the publicly shared ‘RefShares’ for the OU at http://www.refworks.com/refshare/?site=015791142406000000

  • Oct 9th 200915:10
    by Rosalyn Metz

    I would love to know how you integrate refworks and moodle. i’m assuming that its via ldap or something similar. is this correct?

    also where could i download that refworks module for moodle to play (or is it not being released yet).

  • Oct 9th 200915:10
    by ostephens

    Hi Rosalyn,

    There are a number of different levels of integration going on in the different parts, but for the most part we are using an API RefWorks have made available to us – this doesn’t make use of LDAP, but handles authentication in its own way. The situation for us is slightly complicated by the fact that if you logged into RefWorks directly (as a student at the Open University) you would use Athens authentication (see http://www.athensams.net/universities-colleges.aspx for an explanation of Athens). However, the same type approach would apply if you were using the native RefWorks authentication.

    As yet we haven’t released any of the development we have done. This is under discussion at the moment.

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