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Innovations with reference management software

When looking at dissemination opportunities for Telstar we wondered if there was a community of people using bibliographic management software like RefWorks, EndNote, Zotero, Connotea, CiteULike, and more recently Mendeley, that we could target. However, when we went looking, there didn’t seem to be any particular focus point for this. So we thought that something Telstar could do as part of it’s own dissemination activity was hold an event looking at how these different packages were used, perhaps especially where they are being used in innovative or interesting ways (of which we hope Telstar is an example).

We are currently looking at a free, one day event in mid-January, aiming for about 50 people attending, with a variety presentations or other sessions.Would you be interested in attending such an event. If so, ┬áis there anything particular you’d like to see on the agenda. Some ideas that I’ve had is:

  • The work of the Telstar project (of course)
  • Library usage of RefWorks – reading lists, recent library acquisitions lists
  • Referencing and Linked Data/Semantic web
  • Something about Mendeley?
  • Examples of using Zotero in innovative ways? (exploiting shared libraries/RSS?)

As we firm up plans we will put up more information, but in the mean time please leave comments indicating whether you’d be interesting in attending, what you’d like to see presented or talked about, and if you have any other suggestions or questions. Also, if you’d be interested in presenting – let me know!


  • Oct 28th 200917:10
    by Chris Rusbridge

    I think this would be very interesting, although I couldn’t commit to attend with any certainty. It would be great in particular to talk about ways of connecting the social bookmarking/reference islands, so we can get some real scalability.

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