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ReMIT: Reference Management Integration Toolkit

I’m currently re-formatting (and partially re-writing) my approach to the project deliverables. Rather than focussing on the individual documents listed in our deliverables, I’m focussing on the idea of a ‘toolkit’ which is intended to help others considering issues around integrating ‘Reference Management’ into their learning environment(s).

I’m aiming for something pretty practical, but want to ensure that I don’t simply list “how we did it for TELSTAR”, as I’m aware the decisions we made in many areas will be related to insitutional specific policies and practices.

I’m going to start posting sections as I write them, but I’m posting the table of contents here for comment. If you were approaching this, what would you like to see here – have I missed anything?

ReMIT (Reference Management Integration Toolkit)

  • Introduction
  • What is Reference Management?
    • Introduction to Referencing
    • Reference Management software
  • Why Integrate Reference Management?
    • Information Literacy and Referencing
  • Integrating Reference Management into a Technology Enhanced Learning environment
    • Stakeholders
    • User Requirements
    • Linking to online resources
    • Workflows
  • Supporting good practice in Reference Management
    • Information literacy skills
    • Referencing styles
    • Copyright and Reference Management

The Open University approach

  • Background
  • Business Case
  • RefWorks and course production
  • MyReferences
  • Linking
  • Authentication

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