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Emerald ‘Reading Lists’

Emerald have been looking at how to build ‘peer reviewed reading lists’. This is building reading lists – but currently from Emerald collection – although may look at including things from other publishers in the future.

This is a free of charge service (not a product) – something giving back to the academic university. Intended to improve workflow, and assure quality via peer review.

List creation process:

  • Identify key subjects
  • Journal/book editor recruited
  • Student recruited
  • Student follows set methodology to create list (this is documented in a booklet)
  • Editor reviews list, writes editorial
  • Revised reading list and editorial submitted to Emerald
  • Project team review list and request amendments before approving
  • Lists distributed to faculty – i.e. to academics on the ground
  • Measure usage

Case study carried out. Trial readling list built on the syllabus of ‘Services Marketsing’ course taught by Dr Mei-Na Liao at Bradford School of Management. List created using a structure devised by the project team. List peer-review within the project, List sent to Pro Liao in July 2009. 21% of Pro. Liao’s 2nd reading list taken from our list. Feedback was very positive….

Emerald see the benefits to end-users as:

  • Workflow improved with this tailored teaching aid
  • Complementary and personal service that adds value to Emerald’s products and provides a better service to end-users
  • List approved and reviewed by our experience editors
  • Value for money for librarians (increased usage of Emerald subscriptions)
  • Opportunity to build relationships

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