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Ian Mulvany going to talk about Mendeley, and particularly the new API… Ian started at Mendeley 3 weeks ago, so learning as he goes!

Mendeley – intends to “help researchers work smarter”. Desktop client software (on all main platforms – Win, Mac, Linux) – helps you manage your research papers. Also have a cloud based service – can ‘scrobble‘ usage from client, and also use cloud based storage for references and papers.

Mendeley now 16 months old – 400,000 users, and real-time data on 28m research papers. Using Hadoop (basically Open Source MapReduce).

Mendeley provide an API. You can register for an API key at (invitation only until the end of July 2010) http://www.mendeley.com/oapi, and documentation at http://www.mendeley.com/oapi/methods.

Finally Ian talking about a new graphical ‘build a reference style’ tool – which will be built into next client (October) – this will allow users to build new styles. Uses CSL behind the scenes and once users have created new styles, they can share back to central list of styles.

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