Hello, I’m Isabel and in this podcast, brought to you by the Library Services Research Support team, I’m going to talk about Open Research Data Online, or ORDO.

ORDO is the OU’s research data repository, based on the Figshare platform.

You can use ORDO to store your live research data and collaborate with other researchers in a private shared space or to archive and publish your completed research datasets. Data stored in ORDO will be kept for a minimum of 10 years.

ORDO is easy to use; prepared research can be uploaded in under 5 minutes.

Published data will be given a Datacite DOI, providing a permanent citable web link to enable you to get recognition for your work.

ORDO supports a wide range of file types and can be accessed anywhere.

Data is kept on multiple servers throughout Europe with daily backups and weekly system snapshots. You can set restrictions on sensitive data, or delays on embargoed items.

Thanks for watching, for more information email the Library Services Research Support Team at library-research-support@open.ac.uk 

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