Historical OU TV and Radio

The Open University has produced a number of series to inform students and a wider audience about the University. Series such as 'Open Forum' and 'Countdown to the OU' covered various topics such as methods of teaching, information about modules and guidance on areas such as summer schools. The OUDA Historical Television and Radio collection includes a small sample of the archive. The collection will grow as more contents are added.

Image of Historical OU TV and Radio
Thumbnail Title Description Date
video record Open Forum 02(2000) : the next big thing : a theory of everything
video record Open Forum 03(2000) : the next big thing : eyes in the skies
video record Open Forum 04(2000) : the next big thing : voyage to the bottom of the deep deep sea
video record Open Forum 05(2000) : the next big thing : endless energy
video record Open Forum 06(2000) : the next big thing : nanotechnology
video record Open Forum 07(2000) : the next big thing : predicting personality
video record Open Forum 08(2000) : the next big thing : defying death
video record Open Forum 09(2000) : the next big thing : is anyone out there?
video record Open Forum 10(2000) : the next big thing : the reality of risk
video record Open Forum 11(2002) : the next big thing : cloningThis programme looks at cloning and three scientists in the studio discuss different aspects of...
video record Open Forum 12(2002) : the next big thing : machines with mindsThis programme looks at artificial intelligence and the future for robots
video record Open Forum 13(2002) : the next big thing : evolutionThis programme looks at evolution by natural selection and adaptation
video record Open Forum 14(2002) : the next big thing : antimatterThis programme questions how/ why antimatter exists
video record Science promo VCR 3This is a Science Faculty promotional video.
video record OUEE compilation video
video record Open Forum 53(1980) : adult education under seigeProfessor Groombridge argues for the necessity of withstanding cuts in adult education and...
video record Open Forum 85(1983) : The OUSA Lecture 1983 ; Can broadcasting educate?Don Gratton's Lecture comprises: a review of recent changes in broadcasting and video technology,...
video record Open Forum 87(1983) : ExamsA guide to OU exams; a look at an exam in progress; an explanation of the marking system;...
video record Open Forum 88(1983) ; energy research at the OUA look at the work of the Energy Research Group. Several projects are briefly examined.
video record Open Forum 90(1983) : Student projects in perspectiveA look at OU student projects and experiments.
video record Open Forum 92(1984) : OU graduates press conference 1984Excerpts from the 1984 conference televised from the Adelphi Suite, Waldorf Hotel, London.
video record Open Forum 94(1984) : OUSA National conference 1984A look at the 1984 OUSA Conference at Warwick University.
video record Open Forum 95(1984) : has the Open University a future?A panel discussion held at the 1984 OUSA national conference. OUSA delegates pose the questions.
video record Open Forum 115(1986) : It's never too late....The OU's mature students in close-upInterviews with some of the more mature OU students in which they give their views on why they are...
video record Open Forum 117(1987) : The Prime Minister's visit : the future of the OUReport on Margaret Thatcher's visit to the OU and how she sees its future role in higher education.
video record Puerto Rico compilationThis video comprises a compilation of extracts from Open University programmes. -- Extract 1. The...
video record Using libraries 1 : the public libraryThis programme outlines the organisation and collections of a typical public library. It describes...
video record Maths compilation (1975)This DVD contains short clips from two different programmes.
video record OU promo: OUWW promo 1This promotional video is introduced by Sir John Daniel and is directed to the middle states with...
video record OU promo: OUWW promo 2This promotional video is introduced by Sir John Daniel and is directed to a U.S. audience.
video record Screen First : the danger of powerful neighboursThis programme looks at the changing countries who have rule Alsace
video record Cafe 05
video record Cafe 01
video record Cafe 02
video record Cafe 03
video record Cafe 04
video record Cafe 06
video record Intellectual Capital : The New Wealth of Nations
video record Business Sunday 1(1997)
video record Business Sunday 2(1997)
video record Cafe 01(1999) : e commerce
video record Cafe 02(1999) : intellectual capital
video record Cafe 03(1999) : social entrepreneurs
video record Cafe 04(1999) : innovation
video record Cafe 05(1999) : knowledge management
video record Cafe 06(1999) : family values
video record Cafe 07(1999) : regeneration
video record Cafe 08(1999) : risk
video record Cafe 09(1999) : 21st century manager
video record Generic shorts 1 : is this how it is? : what's the colour of crime?