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Library Services

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External clients

Services for OU validated institutions

When the OU partners with another institutions to deliver courses our approval process ensures that they have all the necessary services you need to help you with your studies. In addtion we provide a reviewed and managed list of Publicly available databases which brings together freely available resources and information that might support the information needs of other institutions and organisations that work in partnership with the OU. 

Library Services and library/learning resources staff from institutions for whom The Open University validates awards share information and consider potential services. If you would like to know more please contact our Quality & Insight Team.

Locally employed tutors

Services are available for any tutors employed by an OU partner institution who tutor OU students. A link to these services is available from StudentHome. Please log in as usual.

For further information about services for locally employed tutors please contact us.

Publicly available resources

Some of the resources and information on the website are free and available to everyone via the Publicly available databases, but most of the databases and electronic resources found via the Library Search are licensed by Library Services for use by OU registered students and staff only.

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