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Understand and engage in digital practices

Understanding and engaging in digital practices is about knowing what online tools and networks are available, and how to select, access and exploit them for personal, study and work purposes.

On this page you will find examples of online materials that illustrate how this skill area can be taught and learned, with an indication of which level of taught OU study they may be suitable for. This is not intended to be prescriptive, but rather to give a flavour of what is available.

Learning materials

Title of activity  Description   Level     Source   Freely available?  
About social networks and blogs Different internet social spaces and how to use them 0/1 BBC Webwise Yes
My digital identity: making a good impression online Being aware of who your audience is when posting in online spaces 0/1 Being digital Yes
Making audio recordings How to use mobile devices to help with studying 1 Skills for OU study Yes
Digital footprint Managing your online presence to enhance your career prospects 1 Careers Advisory Service Yes
How to build your own professional learning network What the elements of a professional learning network are, and how to start your own 3 YouTube Yes
7 things you should know about Wordpress EDUCAUSE Learning Initiative advice document on blogging with word press M Open Educational Resource Yes

Examples from modules

Title of activity  Description   Level     Source   Freely available?  
Assessment advice L150 Intermediate Italian: students use audio recording and online conferencing tools for spoken assignments. 1 L150-13J OU members only
Block 4, Part 1: The new, the borrowed and the remixed TU100 My Digital Life: students learn how to create and share multimedia, using a range of tools. 1 TU100-13B OU members only
Using Annotate DD206 The uses of social science: are introduced to the OU Annotate tool, which they then use in various online activities throughout the module. 2 DD206-13J OU members only
Online forum FAQs A363 Advanced creative writing: students share their own creative writing and constructively critique others in online writing workshops. 3 A363-13J OU members only
Module guide: assessment advice T885 Team Engineering: students use a range of online tools to work collaboratively to produce TMAs and final EMA. M T885-13A OU members only