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Manage and communicate information

As well as managing information and communicating online, this skill area includes avoiding plagiarism and referencing correctly.

On this page you will find examples of online materials that illustrate how this skill area can be taught and learned, with an indication of which level of taught OU study they may be suitable for. This is not intended to be prescriptive, but rather to give a flavour of what is available.

Learning materials

Title of activity  Description   Level     Source   Freely available?  
Avoiding plagiarism Pathway containing 4 short introductory resources on plagiarism, the forms it can take and how to avoid it by developing your skills. 0/1 Being digital Yes
Favourite sites How to bookmark web pages using a browser 0/1 Skills for OU Study Yes
Referencing your sources Pathway containing 5 short activities. These introduce students to the basic principles of referencing and how to reference books, module texts, ejournals and websites. 0/1 Being digital Yes
Writing online Introduction to some general principles of writing online 0/1 Being digital Yes
Organising information Activity highlighting the importance of good record-keeping, especially when it comes to referencing your sources. 2 Library Information Literacy (LIL) OU members only
Introduction to reference management tools Recorded OU Live session providing an overview of some of the reference management tools available. 2/3 Library Online Training(LOT) OU members only
Managing your information efficiently Activity exploring strategies and tools for managing large volumes of information from multiple channels M Library Information Literacy(LIL) OU members only

Examples from modules

Title of activity  Description   Level     Source   Freely available?  
Foundations for the functional TMAs B203 Business functions in context: as part of TMA01 students are assessed on their evaluated reference list. 2 B203-12J OU members only
Compiling a bibliography A327 Europe 1914-1989: students are referred to a Library activity on Producing an annotated bibliography. 3 A327-13J OU members only
A327 Europe 1914-1989 Facebook group A327 Europe 1914-1989: students use a Facebook closed group as well as formal OU teaching spaces for forum discussions. 3 Facebook Closed group
T313 Study Guide 4: Bioenergy project skills T313 Renewable energy: students are referred to activities on evaluating sources, referencing and avoiding plagiarism. A summary activity brings it all together. 3 T313-13J OU members only
A827 Dissertation Guide A826 MA History: the Dissertation Guide (under Assessment resources) covers all aspects of preparing a dissertation. M A826-13E OU members only