Accessing the world’s largest collection of Open Access publications

The team led by Dr Petr Knoth, which received the Team award, has established CORE, a widely-known scholarly communication infrastructure service delivered in partnership with Jisc, which provides access to the world’s largest collection of Open Access (OA) research publications, acquired from a global network of repositories and journals.

As of January 2019, the domain was the 5,448th most used website globally according to Alexa Rank indicating more usage than FutureLearn.

In January 2019, for the first time ever, CORE had reached over 10 million active users in a single month.

Watch the video to hear more about Dr Knoth and his team's research:

Changing the way Art History is taught

Dr Leah Clark’s Open Arts Objects (OAO) are short videos about selected objects as well as discussions of critical terms in art history.

Dr Clark has worked closely with A-level teachers and charity groups to expand the use of Open Arts Objects films and teaching materials in schools and museum education and has changed the way school teachers teach Art History, while the films have also been used by museum education officers to teach the public about their collections.

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