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The membership of the HERC is drawn from a number of departments within The Open University and affiliated Research Centres. Within The Open University there are currently three levels of membership - full, corresponding/visiting and student.


Full Members


Affiliated members

  • Courtney Hougham

The collaboration is linked with International Centre for the History of Crime, Policing and Justice

HERC is formally partnered with the Centre for Crime and Justice Studies

Visiting members

  • Dr John Carter-Wood
    Visiting Fellow
  • Dr Tim Hope
    Visiting Fellow
  • Joanna Mack
  • Visiting Fellow
  • Maureen Mansfield
    Visiting Fellow
  • Prof Reece Walters
    Honorary Associate


  • Dr Rosemary Barbaret
    CUNY, New York
  • Dr Caroline Brooks
    University of Saskatchewan
  • Prof Barry Goldson
    University of Liverpool
  • Prof Peter King
    University of Leicester
  • Dr Caroline Lanskey
    University of Cambridge, visiting senior research fellow
  • Robert Morris
    Formerly Home Office, visiting senior research fellow

Student members (full and part-time)

  • Stephen Akpabio-Klementowski
    ​Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, School of Social Sciences & Global Studies Social Policy & Criminology
  • Heather Barrett
    Faculty of Science, Technology and Engineering
  • Evgenia Lliadou
  • Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences,School of Social Sciences & Global Studies Sociology
  • Elaine Saunders
    Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, Arts and Humanities
  • Beth Wilburn
    Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, Arts and Humanities