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CEI brings a SMILE to Solar-terrestrial Physics

The Centre for Electronic Imaging is leading a programme of work supporting the development and integration of the CCD detectors for the UK-led Soft X-ray Imager (SXI) on SMILE; the joint European Space Agency (ESA) / Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) mission to study solar-terrestrial physics and space weather.  The Solar wind Magnetosphere Ionosphere Link Explorer (SMILE) SXI instrument uses Charge Coupled Devices (CCDs), supplied by CEI collaborator Teledyne e2v, the design of which is a result of complex modelling and simulation work carried out at the CEI.  The recently announced award by the UK Space Agency conferred for UK leadership of new space science mission SMILE enables CEI to move to the next stage of the programme, supporting the development and integration of the CCDs into the SXI.

 PI of the award, Professor Andrew Holland, said "We are really excited about the SMILE mission which brings together synergies from our activities in research into space radiation, X-ray astronomy and novel space instrumentation to this project which will probe the interaction of the solar wind with the Earth’s magnetosphere, giving greater understanding of Space Weather.  This will be a great opportunity for training our research students, and developing our early career researchers.  The project will help our industrial collaborator, Teledyne- e2v, develop new high-technology for the mission which will feed into new products for the future".


The SMILE team in SPS currently includes: Dr David Hall, Dr Matthew Soman, Dr Jonathan Keelan, Thomas Buggey and is managed by Dr. Ross Burgon. The award has also enabled the recruitment of three new members of staff who will be joining the School in the next few months.





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