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Scholarship in the International Development of Open Learning

Wednesday, 13 June, 2012 - 12:00
Diane Ford
The Open University has a distinguished record in the development of higher education opportunity globally and possesses considerable collective insight. However, although this expertise is shared intermittently through colloquia and individual reports, the OU’s public website provides little evidence of coherent research activity or outputs in this area.
A new scholarship network aims to correct this. Affiliated to the International Development Office with academic and organisational support from eSTEeM, the network will operate across the university and enable greater synergy in the scholarship of international development. Proposals include:
  • organisation of colloquia
  • identification of collaborative scholarship projects
  • joint grant proposals
  • peer mentoring
  • establishment of a postgraduate community.
An invitation-only lunchtime workshop on Wednesday 13th June, attended by the Pro-Vice-Chancellor for Research and Scholarship, Professor Tim Blackman, will develop a manifesto to aid consultation with unit and university managers.
For further information please contact Diane Ford.