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Richard Danson Brown on BBC4

On 14 October 2015, Richard Danson Brown appeared on the BBC4 programme The Secret Life of Books to talk about Edmund Spenser's Faerie Queene. Currently in its second series, The Secret Life of Books is a BBC/OU co-production. One of the texts featured in the first series was Shakespeare's First Folio.

19th October 2015

Angeliki Lymberopoulou paper at Frontiers of Fifteenth Century Art

Angeliki Lymberopoulou was an invited speaker at  the international conference Frontiers of Fifteenth Century Art, organised by Dr Robert Maniura, Birkbeck College. Held on 17-18 September,  the conference aimed to discuss problems of researching art of the 15th century and ways to promote wider collaborations among scholars and possible funding bids to take this ‘frontiers’ initiative further.

9th October 2015

Naomi Barker and Jonathan Gibson at 'Voices and Books'

Naomi Barker and Jonathan Gibson both gave papers at the  Voices and Books, 1500-1800 conference at Newcastle on 18 July. Naomi spoke on 'The Orator's Toolkit: Residual Evidence of Oral/Aural Practice in the Seicento Keyboard Toccata' and Jonathan on 'Elizabeth I's Tilbury Speech: Editing an 'Oral' Text'.'

16th July 2015

Neil Younger on Drama, politics, and news in the Earl of Sussex's entertainment of Elizabeth I

Neil Younger has recently published an article on a previously unknown entertainment of Elizabeth I at New Hall in Essex, and the political and cultural contexts surrounding this event. Drama, politics, and news in the Earl of Sussex's entertainment of Elizabeth I at New Hall, 1579 appears in The Historical Journal, Volume 58, Issue 02, June 2015.

23rd June 2015

Leah Clark paper at 'Agency of Things'

‘Collecting, Exchange, and the Agency of Things in the Renaissance Court’, presented at Agency of Things: New Perspectives on European Art of the Fourteenth–Sixteenth Centuries, Institute of History of Art, University of Warsaw and National Museum in Warsaw, 11-12 June 2015

10th June 2015

Carolin Schmitz: ‘Crossing healing spaces: the sick and their mobility in early modern Spain’

18 June 2015, 2.00 pm
The Open University Milton Keynes campus
Meeting Room 11, Wilson A building

You are invited to a talk given by Carolin Schmitz (Instituto de Historia de la Medicina y de la Ciencia "López Piñero", University of Valencia). Carolin is our visiting PhD student in history and she  works on health care in early modern Spain. Her talk is entitled ‘Crossing healing spaces:  the sick and their mobility in early modern Spain’. She is using trial records to recover the perceptions and actions taken by sick people seeking help and care.

15th May 2015

New book co-edited by Jonathan Gibson

 Letters, Rhetoric, Politics - coverJonathan Gibson has co-edited Elizabeth I's Foreign Correspondence: Letters, Rhetoric, Politics, published by Palgrave in December 2014.

17th March 2015

New book by Hannah Lavery

The Impotency Poem from Ancient Latin to Restoration English Literature - coverHannah Lavery's The Impotency Poem from Ancient Latin to Restoration English Literature (Aldershot: Ashgate, 2014) is the first book length study of the motif of impotency in poetry from early antiquity through to the late Restoration.

24th February 2015

New volume co-edited by Kathleen Christian

The Muses and Their Afterlife - coverKathleen Christian has co-edited the volume The Muses and their Afterlife in Post-Classical Europe which was published by the Warburg Institute in 2014. Her contribution to the book is titled The Multiplicity of the Muses: The Reception of Antique Images of the Muses in Italy, 1400–1600'.

24th February 2015

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